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  • See

    National Museum “Earth and Man” In the City of Sofia

    The National Museum “Earth and Man” is located in downtown Sofia.

  • Experience

    Gravity Climbing GYM

    Gravity climbing gym is the biggest gym in Bulgaria.

  • Accommodation

    Grand Hotel Sofia

    Supreme luxury in a 5 star hotel settled in the heart of Sofia.

  • Eat & Drink

    Shades of Red Restaurant

    The restaurant is a symbol of fine gourmet cuisine due to it’s Executive chef Joro Ivanov.

  • Shopping


    BLOK is a street wear / skate shop founded in 2008 in Sofia.

  • Transportation


    Information of several bus companies.

  • Transportation

    Taxi companies in Sofia

    As a foreigner in Bulgaria we do recommend you to use the services of one/some of the big taxi companies.

  • To Konw

    Weather in Bulgaria

    The predominant climate in Bulgaria is moderate and transitional-continental.

  • Transportation

    Metro Stations in Sofia

    The current metro stations are being used by more than 300 000 people every day.

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