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  • See

    The Beaches

    The beautiful seafront promenade is perfect for a leisurely stroll, and a popular place to jog or run.

  • Experience

    April Events in Tel-Aviv

    This April Tel-Aviv offers a number of diverse events including art exhibitions and punk band performances.

  • Accommodation

    Beachfront Hotels

    The city’s beachfront hotels offer Mediterranean Sea views.

  • Eat and Drink

    Breakfast at an Israeli Hotel

    Israeli breakfasts are an unforgettable experience for visitors from abroad.

  • Shopping

    Fashion Districts & Shopping Centers

    There are plenty of underground clubs in Tel Aviv.

  • Art Venues

    Tel Aviv Party Guide

    Here’s what you can expect every week at some of TLV’s best bars and clubs.

  • To Know

    Tel Aviv

    60 families founded Tel Aviv in 1909.

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