Five places in Edinburgh that could reopen on 15 July as hospitality and tourism industry reboots

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【Introduction】:Hospitality and tourism businesses in Edinburgh and across Scotland have been given a major update on when they could reopen to the public.

Hospitality and tourism businesses in Edinburgh and across Scotland have been given a major update on when they could reopen to the public.

Countless businesses, that were ordered to close in March as part of the nationwide lockdown, have been told they could lift the shutters on 15 July.

Speaking in parliament, Scotland's tourism minister Fergus Ewing said on Wednesday that the government will review lockdown measures on July 9, with a view to venues reopening the following week on July 15.

If current plans go ahead then you could be back in your favourite boozers in just over a month - here's five places you could once again pay a visit to.

Your favourite local pub

You could be sipping on a cold pint sooner than you think.

The Scottish Government is already set to give pubs, bars and restaurants the green light to reopen their outdoor areas next week.

But, as long as the status of Scotland's coronavirus outbreak doesn't change, your favourite boozers could begin to reopen to customers next month.

Where will you heading for your first "proper pint"?

George Street bars

Nights out with your friends on George Street have been replaced by Zoom calls with shaky signals amid the outbreak.

But, if you've had enough Bingo to last you a lifetime, you'll be glad to hear you will soon be able to meet up and even "go out".

Phase two of the four-stage route map out of lockdown is set to begin next week and means Scots will be allowed to meet outside with larger groups, as well as meet people from another household indoors.

Pubs, bars and restaurants outdoor areas, as well as outdoor markets will also be allowed to reopen. And, by the following month, the government hope this can be extended to indoor areas, too.

Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo is currently battling to open this month or face closing for good, with a burn rate of £700,000 every month.

However, Nicola Sturgeon rejected their plea, saying: “We cannot start to take individual decisions based on particular circumstances of particular organisations.

"Not because we don’t desperately want to do what organisations like Edinburgh Zoo are asking, but because if we start to operate like that we will end up in a mess, the virus may run out of control and we’ll have to reverse some of these things."

As it stands, the popular tourist attraction will have to wait until 15 July.

Edinburgh Castle

Locals have been sharing rare photos of an empty castle esplanade amid the outbreak but the iconic attraction would be able to reopen for business in July.

It's likely there won't be many tourists in the capital to pay it a visit, which means it could be the perfect time for locals to head there for a look around.

Capital restaurants

A "treat meal" could once again mean something other than a drive-thru McDonald's.

From delicious street food to some of the best restaurants in the country, the capital is bursting with amazing places to eat.

In their absence, the city's residents have been reduced to long-life milk and cans of beans during lockdown - so, we can't wait to see them reopen.

The Scottish Government have warned that the 15 July date is "both provisional and conditional" on the R number not rising, which could see the virus spiral out of control again.

Speaking in the parliament Ewing said: “As things stand just now our hope is that we will be able to give the go-ahead to a reopening of the sector at the July 9 review.

“Assuming this does prove possible, some time would then be required for inter-connected services such as transport to prepare. On that basis and on the clear understanding with the industry that nothing can be absolutely guaranteed at this stage and that we may need to change this date if the evidence requires it, we would encourage tourism and hospitality businesses to prepare – within appropriate safety guidelines – for reopening on July 15.

“For the reasons I’ve set out this timetable is by necessity both provisional and conditional. But we very much hope it can be met and that setting it out now, even with caveats, gives the sector greater clarity and some much needed ability to plan ahead.”

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