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【Introduction】:With a long history of over 2,000 years, Shanghai stands on the west shore of the Pacific Ocean and the east line of Asia mainland. Right in the middle of China’s east coastline from north to south, it is the junction where the Yangtze River and Huangpu R

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In Shanghai, a magic place with the nickname of “Modu” (magic and modern city), the oriental and occidental cultures mingle with each other. The western buildings standing at the Bund and the skyscrapers lying in Pudong enhance the beauty of each other. In Xintiandi, you will find the ancient Shikumen and old foreign-style houses as well as the latest fashion elements. The shopping center of Shanghai is located at Shanghai Road, Huaihai Road, Xujiahui Commercial Center and Yu Garden Shopping Center.

The humorous “Huaji Comedy” (local comedy in Shanghai dialect), “Dujiao Comedy” (stand-up comedy in Shanghai dialect), Shanghai Opera played in small theaters and the newly established Shanghai-style talkshow bring much laughter. Authentic Shanghainese cuisine provided in old restaurants, authentic French cuisine and the snacks at Chenghuangmiao Temple are all renowned far and wide. There are also some antique teahouses in old streets and lanes. And in the foreign-style houses on Hengshan Road lie all kinds of amazing bars.

Tour Recommendation of Shanghai

Shanghai insect museum opens at night

To fulfill the curiosity of many local children and teenagers who are on summer vacation, many exhibitors in Shanghai have decided to extend working hours.

Shanghai Outdoor rest and recreation

Summer in Shanghai is no picnic. First comes the rain and humidity of late June and early July. If you can survive the sticky discomfort, next comes the oven-like heat of August.

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