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Live Review: WTCF Qingdao Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit 2018

Experts' opinion

Esencan: Sustainable Tourism is the Engine of Prosperity

In the process of developing tourism, I come to realize that sustainable...

Ding Peiyi: From ecotourism to heritage tourism development in parallel with protection

Australia will have both ecologic and cultural sustainable ecotourism with...

Fang Zehua: Reflections on the development of tourist destination...

The tourism resources in Hotan are basically divided into four categories.

Li Mingde: Local Features and Potentials Support the Progress of Tourism Economy in Hotan

In my opinion, we need to focus on the following three aspects in resource...

Tokumura Shisei: To develop rural tourism is to balance “quality” and “quantity”

Currently, tourism in Hotan is transforming from primary to developing...

Wang Xiaoyu: The Rise of the Middle Class and Hotan Characteristic Tourism

When a productive society turns into a consumer one, the tourist needs...

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