World Tourism Cities Weekly Vol.86

Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing highlighted the emirate’s ongoing commitment ...

World Tourism Cities XXVIII

This issue of World Tourism Cities reviews the important events organized by WTCF and the results achieved since its establishment. It has also actively promoted the development and cooperation of city tourism in many cities in the world.

World Tourism Cities XXVII

Poverty reduction remains a critical, urgent issue that all humans face, receiving extensive concerns from the international community.

World Tourism Cities XXVI

Cycling has become a lifestyle that tourists start to appreciate and a travel style that takes you deep into the local culture. In some cities, cycling has already been on the path towards a systemic, mature and normative travel method, ushering into a series of theme-oriented and guide-aided trips – trips of delicacy, natural experience, adventure and architecture. In some other cities, cycling is a local lifestyle.

World Tourism Cities XXV

In artistic cities all over the world, you will find that every stroller here can easily leaf through one page of discolored history scroll softly, piece together the fragrant silhouettes of historical figures and revisit their bittersweetness and inner prayers. Today’s wonders are created based on legends from the past.

World Tourism Cities Weekly Vol.85

From November 26th through the 27th, WTCF Central Asia Tourism Conference 2019 was held in Samarkand, a famous city with long history and rich culture in Uzbekistan.

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