World Tourism Cities Weekly Special II

Juan Capunay: I m certain that the Chinese people will win the battle against the COVID-19.

World Tourism Cities Weekly Vol.101

Senior members from Ottawa Tourism and Outaouais Tourism in Canada will visit the UK and Ireland from 30 March to 1 April to promote their region’s tourism offerings and highlight how spending time pursuing active and cultural activities in the great outdoors of Outaouais complements a visit to Canada’s cosmopolitan capital, Ottawa.

World Tourism Cities Weekly Special

"At this moment, please know that we are with you. We are your strong backing. Please believe that Los Angeles will always by your side on the road to recovery, " Ernest Wooden Jr said, the president and CEO of Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board.

World Tourism Cities Weekly Vol.100

Semperoper Dresden is one of the most prestigious theatres in Germany. As all German theatres (and in difference to most of the others in the world) the repertory system allows visitors to enjoy different productions in consecutive days which makes a cultural stay in Dresden even more attractive.

World Tourism Cities Weekly Vol.99

European hotel transaction volume reached its highest level ever recorded last year, with EUR 27.1 billion (GBP 23.3 billion) worth of deals in 2019, with London coming out on top, generating EUR5.3 billion (GBP 4.55 billion) of the total.

World Tourism Cities Weekly Vol.98

Thousands of travel lovers and tourism professionals gathered here on Thursday...

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