Qingdao Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit 2018 Exclusive Interview: Digital Cultural Tourism: “Traveling the World with Your Smart Phone”

During the World Tourism Cities Federation Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit in September 2017, Tencent signed a tripartite cooperation agreement with the World Tourism Cities Federation and Helsinki for the purpose of creating an overseas pilot city for intelligent tourism. The WeChat mini-program “Helsinki Travel Guide” created by Tencent Cultural Tourism business team was officially launched three months later.

Publish Time: 2018-09-28 16:06:42
Source: World Tourism Cities Magazine

Qingdao Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit 2018 Exclusive Interview: Digital Cultural Tourism: “Traveling the World with Your Smart Phone”

The trend of Internet + tourism in the future

From the Internet + to digital China, Tencent is the first Internet enterprise that advocates connection and enabling in the era of digital economy. As one of the largest Internet comprehensive service providers in China, we are now strategically positioned as an “internet-based technology and culture enterprise”, and are committed to “connecting everything” with the spirit of digital craftsman and implementing the “1357” strategic initiatives. Tourism is an important industry that promotes global economic development and employment, and also ranks first in the happiness industries. The integration of digital technology and tourism industry will realize the fission effect of enabling and upgrading.

Traveling the world with the “city travel guide” in your smart phone

Based on the historical background of digital economy, Tencent Cultural Tourism business has started the layout of the “Internet + tourism” connection path since 2014, fully integrated Tencent’s internal product matrix, advanced technology and content industry ecosystem, opened and connected industry-university-research resources in the cultural tourism industry as well as institutions at home and abroad, focused on the “technology + culture + tourism” integrated innovation and implemented application, built four capacity systems of “global intelligent tourism service system, industry innovation ecosystem, Tencent cultural and creative industries and IP product incubator system, and overseas digital application system”, got through the G, B and C terminals for the goal of “traveling the world with your smart phone”, and developed the comprehensive service capacity of digital cultural tourism facing the new whole user era. From traveling Wulong with your smart phone to traveling Yunnan with your smart phone, spreading Hong Kong tourism to promoting Helsinki as well as the cooperation of the Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall to digital silk road Venice, Tencent Cultural Tourism business team has accumulated hundreds of cooperation cases and innovative applications of the “Internet + tourism” worldwide. “Traveling the world with your smart phone” has also quickly become popular overseas in the form of the mini-program “city travel guide”.

More cities are expected to join the “city travel guide”

The “Helsinki Travel Guide” created by Tencent Cultural Tourism business team provides recommendation of scenic spots and routes in Helsinki, the whole-year calendar of local events and related information, recommendation of delicacies, shopping guide and access to discount coupons of merchants, subway and bus information and inquiry, panoramic Helsinki 360-photos, a smart translation service, emergency help and other functions, to let users get information related to Helsinki’s scenic spots, service, activities and transportation in a more convenient way. Combining the most reliable destination information provided by the City of Helsinki and Tencent’s products service as well as technological advantages, this mini-program provides overseas Chinese tourists with a platform to make travel plans and remove obstacles in their overseas trips. At present, the project has entered the second phase, and the summer version of “Helsinki Travel Guide” has been launched.

In the future, Tencent and Tencent Cultural Tourism business team will look forward to working with more member cities of the World Tourism Cities Federation at home and abroad in all respects, to build the “traveling the world with your smart phone”, promote the digital upgrading of cultural tourism industry of destinations, so as to provide a better service platform for Chinese outbound tourists and provide a more complete and multi-function display platform for tourism destinations.