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World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF), voluntarily formed by famous tourism cities and tourism-related institutions in the world under the initiative of Beijing, is the world’s first international tourism organization focusing on cities. It is headquartered in Beijing, and Chinese and English are its official languages. Starting with 58 founding members, WTCF has now grown into an international tourism organization with a total of 245 members, which covers 86 countries and regions, including 164 city members, 81 associate members and institutional members as well as 333 members among 6 branches.

Guided by the core vision of Better City Life through Tourism, WTCF holds the famous world tourism brand event Fragrant Hills Tourism Summits annually. It constructs a platform for its members to exchange experience, reinforce cooperation and build consensus. Since 2012, WTCF has hosted ten Fragrant Hills Tourism Summits successively in Beijing (China), Rabat and Fez (Morocco), Chongqing (China), Los Angeles (USA), Qingdao (China), Helsinki (Finland) and Changsha (China).

WTCF also holds regional conferences, forums, and investment and trade fairs every year. So far, in Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America, Europe and Central Asia, WTCF has held regional conferences and a series of trade fairs, with venue located in Penang (Malaysia), Casablanca (Morocco), Bogota (Colombia), Seville (Spain), Panama City (Panama), Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Hammamet (Tunisia) which fully enhances the global influence of WTCF.

For several years, WTCF has been the content partner of WTM London and released research reports. Meanwhile, WTCF has been the co-host of ITB Convention for seven sessions consecutively and has held ten activities, including the release of research results and theme forums on tourism market. WTCF has conducted research and released a series of research results to provide intellectual support for the global tourism industry.

After years of development and its growing ability of appeal, service, guidance and influence in the tourism industry, WTCF is credited as the fastest-growing international tourism organization in the world.

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