New Year's Eve in Hamburg: Enjoy New Year's Fireworks Together

There are countless fireworks in New Year's Eve in Hamburg, but the most spectacular are the fireworks at the harbor and Alster Lake.

Publish Time: 2019-12-27 11:17:06
Source: Hamburg Tourismus GmbH

The best place to watch fireworks -waterside

It is particularly beautiful and exciting to watch fireworks by the water; the last thing Hamburg needs is water! Many locals in Hamburg are very willing to watch the New Year fireworks on the canals, city waterways, the Elbe River or by the Alster Lake, where the best place to see fireworks is!

Enjoy New Year fireworks on the shore of the harbor

If you are not afraid of the noise, or if you want to make fun, then you can enjoy the New Year fireworks at Landungsbrücken. The fireworks above the flying clouds not only decorated the port as a magnificent painting, but the sound of loud firecrackers was also impressive. At midnight, all ships in the port started to whistle, sounding very grand, and the festival atmosphere is strong! Of course, many taverns along the shore provide everyone watching fireworks with everything needed for a true New Year's party, from sparkling wine to sausages.

Around Outer Alster Lake

If you find the Sternenstaub fireworks, the Goldregen firework rockets, the ship's humming, and the squishy crowd too noisy, then you can go to Outer Alster Lake and watch the fireworks around Alster Lake in the Schwanenwik Highlands. The Kennedysbrücke and Lombardsbrücke bridges in the south and Krugkoppelbrücke in the north are also great places to watch the magnificent fireworks.