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For many years, the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) has been committed to leveraging tourism for promoting culture, fostering international exchanges, and enhancing friendships. It has established a series of branded events such as the "Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit", the "World Conference on Tourism Cooperation and Development", the "Forum on World Famous Cultural Tourism Cities", and "Regional Forums". These endeavors have aimed at strengthening institutional construction, service system development, event branding, cooperative network building, and market operations. The federation's role as a bridge and link has been prominently showcased and has achieved great results. With comprehensive improvements in its appeal, service quality, guidance capacity, and influence within the tourism industry, the federation has been acclaimed as the fastest-growing international tourism organization.

Publish Time: 2023-09-20 16:44:48
Source: WTCF



Establishing an International Exchange Platform, Building a World-Class International Tourism Organization, Contributing Chinese Wisdom to World Tourism
— World Tourism Cities Federation 2012-2023

Building Friendship, Connecting Hearts


Unlocking the Potential of Tourism Consumption, Contributing to Global Tourism from China's Perspective
— Insights on High-quality Tourism Development by Zhang Hui, Vice Chairman of the Expert Committee of the World Tourism Cities Federation


Taiyuan: City of the Dragon