The Bank of the Elbe, Hamburg—A Private and Elegant Conference Venue

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【Introduction】:In Hamburg, the element of water is unique. Walking along the Elbe, you can see on the banks nice houses, picturesque parks, rolling hills and spacious beaches.

In Hamburg, the element of water is unique. Walking along the Elbe, you can see on the banks nice houses, picturesque parks, rolling hills and spacious beaches. In the metropolis of Hamburg along the Elbe, you can easily reach the beach and take a walk there or have a nice picnic in the park. Other big cities in the world can hardly match Hamburg.

The Outskirts of the Elbe: Enjoying Elegant Life and Beautiful Seaport Scenery

You can watch the great view of the Elbe flowing into the North Sea. Th sea is easily accessible and you cannot miss the opportunity of tasting the sea--fresh fish hamburgers. At any time in the day and even in the deep night, you can go to the beach clubs and enjoy the colorful seaside life. On the outskirts of the Elbe, the modernness of the city is perfectly integrated with the quietness of the countryside. Here, you will feel like having fun in Cote D'azur, the beach resort of France. You will be surrounded by lush vegetation and colorful flowers.

There are several parks around the white sandbank(used to be a fishing village around the Elbe) and they can be called the most beautiful areas in Hamburg. They used to be the manors of noblemen and there are luxuriant country villas. You can embrace the elegance of horticulture here. Some parts are available for rent and can be used to hold various activities. Let’s enjoy the elegant German country life! The best place that is worth a visit is Treppenviertel, which is famous for its number of steps. Nearly 5,000 steps link the ancient fishermen’s home, the romantic villas of the 19th century style and the beautiful hillside gardens. Before we conquered the thousands of steps, we needed to take a rest.

On the Day of the Conference and the Festival, Enjoying the Award-Winning Cuisines in Hotel Süllberg

The Süllberg Mountain is located among the steps. There is a hotel with the same name on the mountain top and it is the smallest 5-star hotel in Germany. In the process of climbing, we marveled at the beautiful scenery around. Inside the hotel, there are also a great many places worth exploring. The building with a long history has 9 rooms and 2 suites. In addition, the hotel provides all kind of cuisines and a conference hall that can hold 500 people at most.

The 2-star Michelin restaurant inside can provide the great experience of enjoying top food in private. In Deck 7 Market Restaurant, you can taste fresh and delicious creative dishes. Th dining hall covers 400 square meters and the youthful decoration style and the Transatlantic Bar have made it the most favorable place for holding parties and banquets. There are also 2 luxury private restaurants for your choice. In the warm season, you can go onto the balcony and feast your eyes on the magnificent scenery. Süllberg Turm on the Süllberg Mountain is a good place to go for all 4 seasons. After enjoying our breakfast in the dining hall, we went onto the balcony and watched the beautiful scenery of the Elbe, as if time stood still.

Watching Fantastic Scenery in Hotel Louis C. Jacob

After returning to the river bank, we kept going forward and reached the most famous avenue of Hamburg--Elbchaussee. The elaborately decorated villas present the great charm of the Hansa style. One of them is the classical and beautiful Hotel Louis C. Jacob which dates back to the end of the 18th century. The Louis C. Jacob Company owns Weinwirtschaft Kleines Jacob, a wine bar situated on Elbchaussee, CARLS Brasserie und Bistro, a restaurant opposite the Elbe Philharmonic Hall and a motorboat named Barkasse MS Jacob. About 25 years ago, the ancient manor of Louis C. Jacob was rebuilt into a luxury hotel. The old brick cellar is now decorated with a vaulted ceiling and can be used to hold wine tasting and other activities.

The hotel is composed of 85 rooms and a 2-star Michelin restaurant. You can be assured of high-quality services on accommodation and activity participation. The bright conference hall can contain 200 people at most. You can also watch the nice scenery of the Elbe inside. We spent the last moments in the hotel on the tree-lined balcony which was built in 1791. The balcony is famous for the German painter Max Lieberman. The inspiration of his 2 paintings came from this balcony. Under the tree, we enjoyed ourselves by watching the coming and going boats.

Landhaus Flottbek Hotel Offers the Feeling of Staying at Home

We went forward on the pathway of trees and bushes. On the way, we chose to sit for a while in Landhaus Flottbek Hotel. The atmosphere there was quite relaxing. The hotel is just within 15 minutes’ walking distance from the center of Hamburg. It has altogether 25 comfortable rooms, a conference room with fresh air and a garden with blooming flowers. Here, you can forget about the hustle and bustle of urban life. The hotel is quite suitable for holding small meetings, banquets and various activities. The Hygge Bar can be used to hold banquets with 85 people at most and receptions with 100 people. The former stable has been renovated into a fireplace restaurant which can also be used as a lounge. The name of the bar well describes the feeling brought to the guests: hygge means in Danish the relaxation and happiness when staying with friends and family members. Inside the hotel, the delicious food and all kinds of fancy drinks are also quite impressive. The chef Thomas Nerlich has been praised by the food magazine Aral Schlemmeratlas as one of the Top 50 Cooks in Germany. He is good at home-made cooking and can also use all kinds of local ingredients to cook seasonal cuisines.

The indoor garden is also a favorable place for social interaction. The garden has a beehive which can produce fresh honey. You can taste it instantly. Beside the hotel, there is a club of the countryside style and it can hold 40 people at most. If you want to a have barbecue party in the breezy evening, the balcony is surely a good place when the tall chestnut trees rattle with the winds. For meetings of 40 people at most, Landhaus Flottbek Hotel offers a special conference venue for reservation. Remise is a modern meeting room that well combines the traditional beauty of buildings with state-of-the-art technologies. All of this creates an atmosphere of creation.

Welcome to the Metropolis of Hamburg along the Bank of the Elbe!

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