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【Introduction】:Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, already famed for its ancient history, multifarious gastronomy, diverse architecture and city break opportunities.

Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, already famed for its ancient history, multifarious gastronomy, diverse architecture and city break opportunities. The friendly environment, its tolerance towards foreigners, stunning views, narrow paved streets illuminated with glittering lights, delicious cuisine and a big warm smile that greets every visitor of the city from the very moment of his/her arrival – you can’t help but fall in love with.

The capital of Georgia is gradually increasing its awareness on an international level. Though the global pandemic challenge around the world, Tbilisi remains one of the safest cities in Europe and ranks 1st among the best destinations for vaccinated travellers in 2021. According to such well-known global media company as Forbes, and EBD (European Best Destinations) as well, Tbilisi persistently continues to rise and grow as a hot spot and expresses its readiness to welcome visitors with vaccinated certificates. (Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ceciliarodriguez/2021/03/07/covid-passport-the-15-best-european-destinations-ready-for-vaccinated-travelers/?sh=5ecc7d9522dc)

Since the lockdown at the beginning of the pandemic, Tbilisi gradually started to open up. Nowadays, cafes and restaurants, as well as Tbilisian cellars and wine bars, are fully open and equipped with all the necessary appurtenances WHO requires. Every venue follows all the crucial regulations, such as thermal screening, a limited number of guest around the table, the 2-meter distance between the tables, face masks while inside and QR menus to avoid additional contact. Considering the social distancing, with the permission of the city government, the cafes and restaurants have expanded their space in outside terraces, where every visitor can enjoy picturesque views of Tbilisi, as well as Georgian dishes with traditional amber wine with 8000 years of history. Besides restaurants, cafes, museums and galleries, municipal buses and metro are fully equipped and comply with WHO protocol and regulations, where facemasks and social distancing are essential requirements. Georgia opened its borders to vaccinated travelers on February 1 without quarantine or additional testing. Subsequently, several measurements and activities are already implemented throughout the country in order to protect the health of the local as well as international citizens and foreign vaccinated visitors of all countries. Alongside the Covid passports, citizens from various countries can enter Georgia with the PCR- examination certificate conducted 72 hours prior to the visit.

The most distinguished feature of Tbilisi is its tolerance towards other nationalities, religious minorities and diverse communities living in the city. Georgian Orthodox, Armenian Gregorian and a Roman Catholic churches, a synagogue, a mosque and a Zoroastrian temple, peacefully standing side by side, make Tbilisi a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious city on the crossroad of the East and West. Georgians treat every visitor with a friendly face, open arms and warm embrace. Walking around the twisting roads of the city, you can easily find pleasantly surprised tourists with happy faces from all corners of the world.

Apart from the historical value of the capital city, the newer generation has created one of the most creative environments in the region. The city’s funky bars and clubs, museums and galleries, parks, plazas and whole streets, eye-catching contemporary architecture – all modern and ancient, make Tbilisi unmissable by any visitor. Its notable disused sewing factory (Fabrika) or former Wine Factory turned into alternative speakeasies for gathering and socializing are wildly popular among youngsters, both locals and travelers.

The cuisine in Tbilisi as well as Georgian wine definitely deserves a special mention. Food from almost every region can be tasted in the capital city. The most noteworthy fact is that the cuisine in Tbilisi is more diverse and harmoniously combined, than in the different areas of Georgia. Here one can find dishes from all the regions of the country, adapted to the requirements of the city and are distinguished with the special Tbilisian taste. Therefore, the multicultural character of the city is reflected not only in its diverse architecture and in lifestyle of the citizens, but primarily in its gastronomy traditions and multiple ways of food preparation.

With all its features that standouts the city from the other destinations, its captivating castles and mountains nearby Tbilisi, mouthwatering cuisine and historical sites, internal passages and mysterious courtyards – leaves you wanting more. For those, who are looking for various adventures and unforgettable emotions, Tbilisi is ideal destination to plan the holiday in 2021.

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