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【Introduction】:A commonly known Chinese idiom says that food matters a lot to the folks. Actually, it is excerpted from Stories of Li Shiqi, Lu Jia and Zhu Jian, Records of the Historian which states that the kings can’t live without the commoners while the commoners can’t live without food.

A commonly known Chinese idiom says that food matters a lot to the folks. Actually, it is excerpted from Stories of Li Shiqi, Lu Jia and Zhu Jian, Records of the Historian which states that the kings can’t live without the commoners while the commoners can’t live without food. It is true not only for the Chinese nation, but also for the others parts of the world. Every time families or friends hold a gathering, food is always the most interesting part of the talk. A happy life must have something to do with tasting various nice wine and food around the globe. It’s said that you can’t have it both ways. But the tourists might be an exception. In the cities full of freshness and attractiveness for everyone, travelers never feel tired of exploring the splendid tourist attractions, just for the purpose of knowing more about this world. Notably, the feast is not just for the eyes and the diverse cuisines won’t be missed by the gastronomers. Then what will Florence, a paradise for foodies, offer to the tourists full of expectation?

1. Chianina Steak

The Bistecca of Florence is a well-known dish around Italy and an integral part of an unforgettable signature tour. The roasted Chianina Steak tastes crispy on the outer part, shows the inviting crimson in the inner part and goes juicy in the mouth. The meat on the T-bone is even tastier. For this delicacy, the cooking methods might be simple but the choice of ingredients can’t be trifled with. The steak weighs about 1 kilogram and measures 5 to 6 centimeters in thickness. It’s grilled for some time without the adding of any seasoning to retain the original flavor. In most cases, it’s tasted together with traditional condiment, kidney beans, salads and Tuscany's famous Chianti (a dry red wine). Actually, the traditional cuisine is so treasurable that the mayor of Florence Dario Nardella even proposed putting the city’s 1kg Chianina steak on the UNESCO list of world intangible cultural heritage.

2. Chianti Classico

Chianti originated from Tuscany and gains fame around the world. In the 19th century, a baron was suddenly inspired and integrated the varieties of the local grapes. Then came the world-renowned red wine. Actually, Chianti means the region in Tuscany specializing in growing grapes. Only the wine that is produced by this region and meets the production requirements will be called Chianti. Chianti Classico means the high-quality wine produced by the eight subregions and it differs from the ordinary Chianti in having a specific symbol of the black cock on the neck of the bottle. Chianti Classico is made from the best grapes in the core region and the production requirements it has to meet differ from those of Chianti. DOCG is the certification for high-quality wine. The main wine-making grapes are Sangiovese, so such wine is highly acid and tannic, and the alcohol content might exceed 12%. The wine carries the fragrance of red fruit and is quite suitable for going with meat dishes, such as the above-mentioned Bistecca Fiorentina.

3. Lampredotto

Lampredotto stands out from the street snacks of Florence. Tourists can stand in front of a selling cart while eating or enjoy the quietness of tasting it in a restaurant. In the ancient times, Lampredotto only appeared on the tables of the low-class people, since the Europeans believed that only the poor would choose dirty food like the internal organs of animals. After hundreds of years of development, however, Lampredotto has become one of the most representative snacks of Florence. Similar to Rougamo, Lampredotto is the tastiest when freshly prepared as ordered. The tripe is stewed beforehand together with tomatoes, onions, carrots and some unique spices until it turns soft and tender. In most cases, Lampredotto is served with two sauces: the red chili sauce and the green Salsa verde. The latter is composed of celery, anchovies and other seasonings, so it carries a strong flavor of basil and is popular among the lovers of Lampredotto. In the streets of Florence, every cart or restaurant selling Lampredotto will have a long queue of customers waiting to taste the delicacy that can’t be missed.

4. Gelato

For every Italian, Gelato (the Italian ice cream) is different from the commonly known ice creams. Gelato is purely hand-made and tastes great, and there is a wide variety to choose from. In all the four seasons, customers will queue up before Gelateria (the stores selling Gelato) and then come out with either the cono (ice cream cones) or coppetta (ice cream in cups). The most representative Gelato comes from the brand store Venchi. It also offers the famous Venchi chocolate which could be tasted by the buyers themselves or sent to beloved ones as a nice and interesting souvenir.

Florence, the paradise for foodies, actually has far more to offer. The Italians are themselves world-famous gastronomers and the Florentines always know what is worth eating and enjoying. Come to Florence and explore more about the local delicacies and wine.

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