World Tourism Cities XXXI

Publish Time:2020-06-19 13:27:45Source:WTCF

【Introduction】:On Jan 8th, 2020, World Tourism Cities Federation(WTCF) and Tourism Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (TRC-CACC) jointly released the Report on World Tourism Economy Trends (2020).


Anti-pandemic Special Report

Work together to tackle the outbreak of COVID-19 Embrace the bright future of world tourism after the pandemic

Esencan Terzibasoglu, Special Advisor to the Secretary-General of WTCF

Coronavirus outbreak and world tourism

Wei Xiaoan, Chief Expert of Experts Committee of WTCF

WTCF Experts on tourism in the post-epidemic era

Institutional members' anti-epidemic measures

Anti-epidemic messages from city members and friends

Different cities, same expectation-World Tourism Cities are looking forward to a better future with you

Fairyland of flowers

Exploring the secret of flowers in Quito, city of spring

Chongqing: Fog city in winter, flower city in spring

City Parade

After 70 years: Royal State Apartments reopened in Dresdens's Royal Palace

Museums in Hague

Live like a Viennese

North German shopping paradise, the most complete shopping guide in Hamburg

City & Cuisine

Los Angeles: a city that satisfies your Chinese appetite

Buenos Aires: a cosmopolitan food hub

Member News

Torino Cinema City 2020

Jiaozuo promoting all-for-one tourism

Belfast secures Purple Flag for a safe night out

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