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Publish Time:2015-05-07

【Introduction】:The sixth Beijing International Mountain Walking Festival started entering participants’ names.

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The sixth Beijing International Mountain Walking Festival?has opened for registration?since March 18, 2015. Two routes have been newly added this year: a 20-kilometer Nanshiyang Magical Canyon route and a 15-kilometer maple tree route. This year's event will contain a total of seven hiking routes.

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The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports, the Mentougou district government, Beijing Sports Federation and the Beijing NGO Association for International Exchanges are the co-hosts of the event. They have set four legs for this year’s competition at Yongding River, Nanshiyang, Zhaitang and Qingshui, with the intention of introducing the beautiful, well-preserved footpaths and ancient villages that sit quietly to west of Beijing city to visitors.

The Yongding River and Nanshiyang sections are set to hold runs on April 18 and June 27. The Zhaitang section is divided into two categories: a 100-kilometer prize fight posting extreme challenges for the hiking professionals will be held on Sept 5, while three leisure and regimen-oriented races are to take place on Sept 12 and 13. The Qingshui section will be held last on Oct 17.

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The 10-kilometer forest route along the Yongding River and the 20-kilometer ancient temple route have become a festival tradition. The Nanshiyang Grand Canyon and Baihua Mountain maple leave route sufficiently represent the unique tourism resources of the western outskirt district of Mentougou in this sports event.

Yanchi town’s Nanshiyang canyon is composed of nine valleys and stretches for 28 kilometers. It has some resemblance to the Grand Canyon in the US.

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Baihua Mountain is a natural botanical repository in northern China. Aspens, shrub forests, maples and birches intersperse at different elevations of the mountain and present a breathtaking view as leaves turn into a riot of color in autumn. The scenery makes for a pleasurable experience, even during a competitive race.

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After five prior sessions, the hiking event has become a quality sports activity with international significance. The organizers have planned pop band performances, al fresco military-site camping and a photography contest as side events this year. The Festival is set to be a celebration for the spectacular views as well as sportsmanship.

Details on routes and registration matters can be accessed on the festival’s official site at from March 19. Prospective participants are advised to be aware of enrolment deadlines.

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