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Publish Time:2015-10-19

【Introduction】:Indeed, the city is already host to the Xiamen International Marathon, Xiamen International Cycling Open Tournament, the Beach Volleyball World Tour Xiamen Open and high-profile sailing races.

As you drove into Xiamen, in southeast China's Fujian Province, the ocean breeze and the smell of fresh air dispelled the exhaustion of the trip. Indeed, as one of the most popular seaside travel destinations in China, Xiamen exudes a captivating energy that's sure to excite any traveler.

Today, Xiamen is known as a chic and charming city marked by its distinctive colonial-style architecture, trendy boutiques, fashionable cafes, maze-like alleyways, and, of course, its stunning coastline and tasty seafood. Whatever you're looking for in a travel experience, chances are you can find it — in abundance — in Xiamen. What's more, the city is often listed among the most desirable places to live in the country.

According to Xiamen Daily, Xiamen was among the most popular tourist destinations in the country — followed only by Xi'an, Guilin, Sanya and Zhangjiajie.

As you set foot in this beautiful city, it was easy to see why Xiamen is often regarded as having one of China's cleanest urban environments and highest standards of living. Aside from classic attractions such as Gulang Island, Zengcuo'an Village and the beautiful campus of Xiamen University, the city is also an international sports hotspot thanks to its favorable climate and natural environment. Indeed, the city is already host to the Xiamen International Marathon, Xiamen International Cycling Open Tournament, the Beach Volleyball World Tour Xiamen Open and high-profile sailing races.

To get a feel for Xiamen, let's take a closer look at these exciting contests and the stunning venues which host them.

Xiamen International Marathon along Island Ring Road

The annual Xiamen International Marathon began in 2003 and typically follows the city's picturesque Huandao Road, or Island Ring Road. It features pristine views of both Xiamen's mountains and seas. From this 31-kilometer road, one can see eight of Xiamen's most popular scenic spots. For this reason, many describe the local marathon as the most beautiful race in the world.

The 2016 Xiamen International Marathon is scheduled to take place in January, with registration opening in November. The race will start at the International Convention Center and end at Xiamen Wutong Lighthouse Park.

The track leads racers past several of Xiamen's most famous tourist sites, such as Huli Hill Fort, home of the world's largest cannon, and the beautiful beach of Xiamen University.

Along the road, Zengcuo'an Village is also a good place to experience the local food culture. Once a small, quiet fishing hamlet, the village has evolved into a trendy destination filled with chic snack vendors, coffee shops and cozy guest houses.

Along with local seafood dishes packed with fish, shrimp and crab, here you can get a taste of many Taiwan specialities, such as oyster omelets and fried chicken fillets.

Only a short distance away is Huangcuo Village, another popular spot to savor local seafood fare. At the end of the day, the village is a popular place among local people to unwind over a delicious seafood meal.

Beach Volleyball World Tour Xiamen Open at Guanyin Hill Golden Beach

Azure skies, blue seas, sunshine, and, of course, scantily-clad athletes make beach volleyball one of the sporting world's most visually-appealing games.

From September 22 to 27, the world's top beach volleyball players will gather at Guanyin Hill Golden Beach in Xiamen for the Beach Volleyball World Tour Xiamen Open. The event is expected to attract over 300 participants from 20 countries and regions — including Brazil, Germany and the United States. Even more exciting for spectators, admission to the games is free.

The beach also hosted the National Beach Volleyball Grand Slams 2015 from September 10 to 13, another event which drew some of the world's top players.

Xiamen's 2.8 kilometer-long Guanyin Hill Golden Beach features soft sands and gentle slopes which make a perfect venue for volleyball action.

For visitors, the beach — with its striking views of the water, the skies, swaying coconut palms and big banyan trees — offers a rare feeling of serenity which one can only find in Xiamen.

Also along Guanyin Hill Golden Beach, tourists can find plenty of family fun at Asia's biggest sand sculpture park as well as a newly-constructed coastal theme park featuring various water activities.

Cross-Strait Sailing Boat Challenge at Wuyuan Bay

Sail boat racing is another sporting event that draws attention to Xiamen. The city's excellent seaside resources make it a fast-growing market for the boating industry and seaside races bring the thrill of sailing closer to the public.

The first Cross-Strait Sailing Boat Challenge was staged in 2009. This year's challenge was held in June at Wuyuan Bay.

The bay is located between the Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport and the Xiang'an Subsea Tunnel, an area famous for its five bridges. This quiet bay is off the beaten tourist path, but still features plenty of attractions — such as the Baicheng Beach, a wetland park, an opera house and a yacht club — sure to please sharp-nosed tourists.

Indeed, some claim the area's beaches are the best in all of Xiamen for their untouched features and original charm.

Of course, high-end hotels have also spotted the bay's potential as a haven for travelers and tourists. More than 10 international hotels brands — including the Hilton and Starwood Hotel Group — have already opened branches in the area.

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