Brazilian and Chinese Authorities Meet to Discuss Alliance

Brazil Tourism Board to Open Office in China

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【Introduction】:The Brazilian Tourism Board, Embratur, is set to open an office in China, one of several measures aiming to boost Chinese tourism in South America´s largest nation.

The Brazilian Tourism Board, Embratur, is set to open an office in China, one of several measures aiming to boost Chinese tourism in South America´s largest nation.

The Minister of Tourism, Gilson Machado Neto, and the Chinese Ambassador to Brazil, Yang Wanming, met this Friday (03/26) to discuss partnership actions to strengthen tourism in both countries with a focus on expanding the tourist flow. Several measures were discussed: the promotion of qualification actions to better receive tourists, the exemption of visas for Chinese tourists and, also, the opening of an Embratur office in the Asian country and a Chinese promotion office in Brazil. to be installed in São Paulo. The president of Embratur, Carlos Brito, participated in the virtual meeting.

“We have a large and important partner in China in all sectors and I am sure that, in the post-pandemic moment, we will be fully able to receive an increasing number of Chinese travelers”, the minister said.

To increase this number already in the post-pandemic moment, the Minister of Tourism reinforced the need for greater air connectivity between Brazil and China immediately after the resumption of activities, in addition to the exemption of entry visas in Brazil for Chinese tourists. The minister also announced that China was the country chosen to host Embratur's representation in the Asian continent, thus contributing to the promotion of Brazil throughout the region.

According to the Chinese ambassador, despite the fact that his country sends out 150 million tourists worldwide, only 60 thousand choose Brazil, still the main destination in Latin America. Around 90 thousand Brazilians visit China per year.

The minister also thanked the Chinese government for its partnership and proposed the creation of a working group to optimize the flow of tourists. The association was praised by the ambassador of the Asian country. “Brazil is a strategic partner for China not only in Latin America but also in the world and to deepen cooperation in the tourism sector. The geographical distance does not prevent the exchange between our peoples who have contributed to the growth of the two countries,” said Yang Wanming.

Focusing on training for Brazilian tourism agencies interested in working with Chinese tourists, a “1st Webinar – International Tourism of China: Market Potential” is scheduled for April 15th.

In Brazil, the Ministry of Tourism is the only body responsible for this selection and only companies authorized by the body will be able to serve Chinese tourists. In 2020, 430 branches were registered, which represents an increase of 46% compared to 2019 (295 branches).

Throughout 2021, the preparation of brochures focused on the Chinese tourism market is also planned, guiding Brazilian agencies in relation to the peculiarities of travelers from China, such as language, customs and preferences, as well as actions to promote Brazil. in that country fathers.

Note: Content source is from Clbrief and Travel2latam

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