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【Introduction】:The founder of Quanjude is Yang Quanren, who previously owned a business selling live chicken and duck at the meat market, outside his front door, when he first came to Beijing

The founder of Quanjude is Yang Quanren, who previously owned a business selling live chicken and duck at the meat market, outside his front door, when he first came to Beijing. Yang Quanren had a deep understanding about the means of the business, so his business flourished. He lived frugally and saved more and more money day after day. When he went the market to do his business, he would pass by a store selling dried fruits named “De JuQuan” every day. The sign of the store was attractive, but the business remained bleak. In 1864, the business was so bad that the store faced bankruptcy. Yang Quanren was very smart, and he jumped at the chance and purchased the store with his savings.

After having his own store, Yang Quanren began to think about the name of the brand. So he invited a FengShui master to visit the store. The FengShui master made two turns round the store, stopped suddenly, stroked his mustache and said, “oh my! This is the very land of treasure! Look, these two small hutongs are like two poles of the sedan. If a building is established here, it will be like a large sedan chair carried by eight people. And you will have infinitely bright future!” Then he rolled his eyes and said, “However, the former store was so unlucky that it would be difficult to remove the bad luck. Unless you reverse the name ‘De JuQuan’ to ‘Quanjude,’ then will the bad luck will be eliminated and your businesses will thrive.” what the FengShui master said made Yang Quanren feel very pleased. The name “Quanjude” was to his liking in that firstly there was the word “Quan” in his name, secondly, “Ju De” means gathering virtues together, which can show that he was a businessman with virtues. Then, he renamed the store as “Quanjude.” Later, asked QianZilong, a scholar who had achieved great accomplishments in calligraphy, to write down the three big characters “Quanjude.” He then organized the characters horizontally on an inscribed board and hung it on a beam. The characters were very vigorous and forceful, which enhance the small store.

Under the careful management of Yang Quanren, the business of Quanjude is thriving and flourishing. Yang was very competent in that he knew the cook with advanced cooking skills, the capable Tangtou (similar to the foreman now) and the intelligent manager would help the business expand. Yang often went to all kinds of roasted duck shop to look for and dig into the secret of the roast duck; and also to make inquiries about the masters in the area. When he heard that there was a master named Sun who had superb skill of roasting duck, he tried his best to make friends with him by drinking and playing chess with him frequently. From then on their friendship became closer and closer. Finally, the old master named Sun was persuaded by Yang Quanren to work at Quanjude for a high salary.

Thus, Quanjude acquired all the methods of roasting duck in the imperial palace during the Qing Dynasty when the master named Sun was employed. Master Sun swapped the former oven for huge one in which dozens of ducks can be roasted simultaneously. The cook can freely add some other ducks to the oven when they roast the ducks. The duck roasted in this kind of oven had an attractive appearance that they were not only full and fat, but also had a vivid claret color. Besides, the ducks had crispy skins, but tender meat. They were fat but not greasy, thin but not as the firewood. And they gained the honor of “the best dish in Beijing” for Quanjude.

· Quanjude (Hepingmen)

Tel: 0086-1063023062

Address: No.217, Xihe Street, Qianmen

· Quanjude (Qianmen)

Tel: 0086-1067011379

Address: No.30, Qianmen Street, Dongcheng District

· Quanjude (Hepingmen)

Tel: 0086-1065253310

Address: the south building, No.20, ShuaifuyuanHutong, Wanggujing Street, Dongcheng District

· Quanjude (Olympic Village)

Tel: 0086-1064801686

Address: floor 1-3, Building A, Tianchuangshiyuan, No.309, Huizhongbeili, Datun Road, Chaoyang District

· Quanjude (Majiabao)

Tel: 0086-1067527686/0086-1067571518

Address: No.63, Majiabao Road, Fengtai District

· Quanjude (Wangjing)

Tel: 0086-1064736466

Address: No.33, North Guangshun Street

· Quanjude (Shuangyushu)

Tel: 0086-1062199990/0086-1062199099

Address: Hengrun International Building, No.32, West road of North Third Ring, Haidian District (200 miles east of the Shuang’an Department Store)

· Quanjude (Tongzhou)

Tel: 0086-1081579888

Address: No.82, West of Jiukeshu Road, Tongzhou District (near the Carrefour)

· Quanjude (Shuangjing)

Tel: 0086-1058613006

Address: No.8, Guangquwenwai Street, Chaoyang District (the southwest of Shuangjing Bridge)

· Quanjude (Hongkun)

Tel: 0086-1063289868

Address: floor 3, Hongkun International Hotel, No.1, Guang’an Road, Fengtai District (the southeast of the south plaza of the west station)

· Quanjude (Xicui Road)

Tel: 0086-1068239011

Address: No.9, Xicui Road, HaidianDistrict(the west of Ruicheng Hotel located in the intersection of Zhugezhuang Road and Xicui Road in Haidian District )

· Quanjude (Sanyuan Bridge)

Tel: 0086-1084492759

Address: Room 422, Jingxin Building Beijing, No.2, Part A, North Road of East Third Ring

· Quanjude (Shiwangfu)

Tel: 0086-1065268303/0086-1065253310

Address: No.9, ShuaifuyuanHutong, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District

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