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【Introduction】:Paris is not only overflowing with the poetic romance and the carefree style of living. The passion of Parisians for outdoor activities makes the "feeling " of Paris with more graceful excitement.

Paris is not only overflowing with the poetic romance and the carefree style of living. The passion of Parisians for outdoor activities makes the “feeling” of Paris with more graceful excitement.

The passionate sporty Paris

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (PSG) 

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (PSG) 

Like most Europeans, Parisians are also extremely passionate about football games. The Paris Saint-Germain Football Club (PSG) is a football team, which has taken the trophy the most times in the history of the French League Cup, is also a big team that is active in the glorious time of the European football altar, and is the hero and glory in the hearts of Parisians. In 2017, this team also welcomed a new outstanding player---the world famous Neymar da Silva Santos Jda Si. His participation in the club will surely bring a new peak to the passion of Parisians. If you can’t find a chance to visit the football pitch to view their passionate matches, you might as well visit the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club’s official football fan store, located on the Avenue des Champs-ch to view their passionate matches, you might as well vs team also welcomed a nParc des Princes to begin a football pilgrim’s trip. If you are lucky enough, you may happen to see their training. Or perhaps, you can have the chance to see these football stars.

Stade de France

The passion of Parisians is gathered on the Parc des Princes and becomes eternal on the Stade de France. The stadium, located in Saint-Denis district in the suburb of Paris, was constructed for the 1998 World Cup and chosen as the venue for the final match. Also in this year, France defeated Brazil with the 3-0 score in the World Cup final. At this stadium, they won their first FIFA World Cup Trophy. Even until today, French people still cannot forget this history, and this stadium has turned out to be a memorial for them to come and worship.

French Open 

Parisians not only send their cheers to football games, but they also give it to tennis. As one of the most popular sports in France, tennis plays the same important and unique role in the hearts of the locals. Tennis can be dated back to the 12th and 13th centuries. The game that French missionaries played, which involves using their hands to hit the ball, evolved into today’s tennis with the development of history. As one of the top four tennis opens, the French Open (or Roland-Garros) uses clay courts as its sporting ground. Clay courts are floors, which can be made of natural clay or processed clay, also called “soft courts”. These courts are porous water tennis courts. The feature of these courts is that the speed of tennis balls is slower, and so the players have to gain more physical strength, running and moving skills, and a sturdier will when they play the game in this kind of tennis court. Every May to June, tennis games are held at the Stade Roland-Garros, which means that the international standard tennis final will attract tens of thousands of fans to come and view the unprecedented passion.

Hippodrome de Longchamp

Passion often comes out of speed, and so we have to speak of one extremely popular game—horse racing. Paris has brought up lots of horse racing venues, and the very popular venue is the Hippodrome de Longchamp in the suburb of Paris. The venue, located beside the Seine, is mainly used for flat horse racing games, famous for its cobwebbed racing tracks and the mounds provided for good horses. Over the past years, half of French horse racing games have been held here, and its beautiful natural environment and the fierce competitions have always been attractive, so that large numbers of tourists have come and view their games. After a two-year renovation and expansion, the Hippodrome de Longchamp reopened to the public in September 2017, and the horse racing competition took place in this stadium once again.

Marathon de Paris

The passion of Parisians is ever-lasting, and this has been perfectly proven by the Marathon de Paris. The participants set off from the Arc de Triomphe every spring and run past lots of famous scenic spots of Paris along the Avenue des Champs- Champs-s. Tay, this event has become one of the greatest city marathons of the world, and attracted numbers of marathon lovers to come. Each year when the event is held, Parisians will pay so much attention to it.

Color Run

In addition, if you want to experience the most interesting and unique running, you cannot miss the Color Run Paris event, which only lasts for five kilometers. During this event, you will gain the real happiness and passion. You may run quickly, you may run slowly, you may run or you may walk, but the only rule is that you must wear white clothes. During the event, volunteers standing at five stations will throw large amounts of the color powers made of pure natural corn starch. When the event ends, each participant will be powered with different colors and become quite happy. At the end of the Color Run, there is also a free outdoor music concert, where disc jockeys will bring you more colorful joy and passion.

The graceful and wise sports Paris

Paris is wonderful, so are its people. The special French grace deeply embedded into their bones also helps them gain such temperament in their outdoor activities.

Paris International Golf Club

Le Golf National 

Parisians like playing golf, and so all varieties of golf courts and clubs have been built. The Paris International Golf Club located in Montmorency is one of the most popular clubs. This club was designed by the American golf emperor Jack Nicklaus, and this 18-hole championship level golf course is often assessed as the best golf court in France, and it is also one of the top-level golf clubs in Europe. Unique characteristics such as the perfect ball lanes, undulating putting greens, splendid water obstacles, and isle putting greens have made it a top choice for holding international golf events. In addition, there is also one international golf club in Paris that you shall not miss—Le Golf National located in Versailles. It consists of two 18-hole course and one 9-hole course, and they are able to provide top level courses for many renowned events such as Alstom Open de France and so on. The high-level training center also makes it a wonderful place to practice golf. In 2018, the Ryder Cup will be held here, and the top golf players will meet in Paris for the glory of competition.


Among their daily outdoor activities, French people also have another graceful sports activity that symbolizes their lifestyle—Pé ther . This sport can be found in Paris and other places of France. Its rules are similar to those of curling, and it is an activity in which each player has to be smart when playing the game with their hands. The participants need to use strategies and logic to defeat their competitors. This activity requires so much team work, and each one’s performance will influence the competition result. Therefore, the competition is always filled with suspension and delight. Gradually, the southern French game has become a popular street game in Paris.

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