TCL Chinese Theater

TCL Chinese Theater

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【Introduction】:Built in 1927, the TCL Chinese Theater is a prior choice for many legendary movies

Built in 1927, the TCL Chinese Theater is a prior choice for many legendary movies. The most famous part of the TCL Chinese Theater is the cement floor inlaid with fingerprints and footprints of past Hollywood celebrities, preserved in the front yard. With a height of 27.4 meters, the theater’s brass top is supported by two giant coral pillars, in front of the theater, seats two giant stone lions.

It is said that it would be a meaningless journey if you never go to the TCL Chinese Theater when you travel to Los Angeles, comparable to how if you’ve never reached the Great Wall when you travel to China. The prosperity of Los Angeles is closely related with the 70 year development and the boom of Hollywood. To get here, one must go along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, eventually you will arrive at the gate of TCL Chinese Theater, and the fingerprints and footprints of Hollywood will tempt you to take many photographs.

Address: 6925 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Telephone: 001-323-4648111


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