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【Introduction】:Xidan Commercial Street is one of the most famous traditional commercial areas in Beijing.

Xidan Commercial Street is one of the most famous traditional commercial areas in Beijing. This is a place with “numerous merchants and high popularity,” with an average daily passenger flow is more than 200,000. It involves various industries, such as department stores, restaurants, entertainment and finance, and has a pivotal position in the commercial pattern of Beijing.

At present, Xidan Commercial Street has a number of large modern shopping malls, involving Xidan Market, Juntai Department Store, Xidan Joy City, Zhongyou Department Store. It also has many “time-honored brand” stores of the capital, like “Guixiangcun” food store, Wanli shoe-store and Yuanchanghou tea house. Beijing Book Building is a gathering place for book fans in Beijing. Covering a construction area of 35,000 square meters, Xidan Culture Plaza is the largest and comprehensive cultural scene in the center area of Beijing. With a good environment, it integrates leisure, entertainment and shopping. The central region of this street is leisure square, where the underground is equipped with restaurants, markets, cinemas, a bowling alley, a swimming pool, rock climbing, and the biggest mirror maze of Xidan Culture Plaza in domestic. It became the largest place of cultural entertainment along the Chang’an Street. As a commercial-oriented street, Xidan supports the synchronous development of service industry, showing an overlapping business trend. The market of it is positioned based on consumer groups. With commodity mainly focusing on high-grade, and highlighting the “professional” and “comprehensive” feature, it can meet the needs of all people with different consumption level.

Address: Xidan North Avenue, Xicheng District

Transportation: Xidan Station, Subway Line 4; Bus No 1, 10, 102, 603, 728, 808

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