Bernauer Straße

Bernauer Straße

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【Introduction】:Bernauer Straße is a place with painful memories of German division and its history.

Bernauer Straße is a place with painful memories of German division and its history.

Bernauer Straße is located between light rail station Nord Bahnhof and subway station Bernauer Straße, it is the boundary during division time, at where, there keeps a part of Berlin Wall with isolation belt and watch box, customer could touch history with their own hands.

Once, it is a deserted and dead place, but now, the ground is covered with grass, the cemented Berlin Wall and rusted metal rack presents a solemn atmosphere by the contrast of blue sky and white clouds. Lower your head, you can see floor tiles covered with the name of the deceased, there are German/English bilingual information and precious historical pictures at the open space. Facing the overnight-built wall, from the bewildered eyes of Berlin people and from the actions of jumping out of a window or running for life, we could feel the profound sorrow when people could not control the life of their own.

Across the Bernauer Straße, there are tourists and documents centers built in 2009. The exhibition center introduced in detail the Berlin Wall and city life of a divided city during 1961 to 1989.

Address: Bernauer Straße 111, 13355 Berlin Mitte

Tel: 0049-(0)30-46798 6662


Open time: may visit at any time

Price: free

Transportation: the Naturkundemuseum subway station and Bernauer Straße station; Light rail S1, S2, S25 to Nordbahnhof station; Bus# 245, 247

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