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Badaling Great Wall

Publish Time:2016-05-04 10:56:30Source:WTCF

【Introduction】:Badaling Great Wall is situated in the north exit of the ancient Guangou Path of Jundu Mountain in Yanqing County of Beijing.

Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall is situated in the north exit of the ancient Guangou Path of Jundu Mountain in Yanqing County of Beijing. The wall is known in history as one of the nine forts in China. It is the outpost of Juyongguan Pass which is an important gate to the Great Wall. Since it is the best-preserved and most representative section in the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty, it was the first section of the Great Wall that is open to the public.

Construction and History

The fort of Badaling Great Wall is trapezoid in shape, narrow in the east and wide in the west. It was built in the 18th year of Emperor Hongzhi in the Ming Dynasty (1505), and was repaired during the reigns of Emperor Jiajing and Wanli. The fort left two gates in the east and the west respectively. The “Outer Town of Juyong” was scripted on top of the East Gate in the 18th year in the reign of Emperor Jiajing (1539); the “Strategic Key to the North” was inscribed on top of the West Gate in the 10th year in the reign of Emperor Wanli (1582). Both of them were built with bricks and stones and above the gate arch is a terrace. In the south or north of the terrace is a passage that connects the defensive wall of the fort, and around the terrace are crenels.

In ancient times, there was a saying that “the most dangerous place of Juyong is not the fort but Badaling.” The Great Wall in this section has a steep topography and occupies a commanding position, combining the towering steepness, beauty, and green into one. It has been serving as a tourist spot since the fort and part of the city wall were restored in 1953. After numerous renovations, sections available for sightseeing can stretch as long as 3,741 meters. among which the southern section is 1,176 meters long and the northern section is 2,565 meters with 16 guard towers in total. In March, 1961, the “Great Wall at Badaling” was approved as the first batch of national cultural protection units; and in 1987, it was listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Useful Information

Best touring time: April to October

Recommended time of tour: about 3 hours

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