Leisure Trip: See a Different Macau

Leisure Trip: See a Different Macau

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【Introduction】:Macau tourist attractions:1 Venetian Macao Resort HotelIt is Asia& 39;s largest casino resort complex Taking Venic

Macau tourist attractions:

1. Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

It is Asia's largest casino resort complex. Taking Venice in Italy as the theme, around the hotel there are many Venice arch bridges, small canals and stone roads, full of the exotic style of Venetian’s romantic and unrestrained life.

2. Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral

It is Macau’s representative building. The church was destroyed in the 1835 fire, remaining only front walls, most of the foundation and the steps in front of the church . Local people call it Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral because the church wall shape is like traditional Chinese memorial archway.

3. St. Dominic's Church

One of the most beautiful churches in Macau, because the Church worships Our Lady of the Rosary, it is called Rose Hall.

4. A-Ma Temple

A-Ma Temple’s official name is Mazu Pavilion, one of the oldest temple in Macau. It is not a very large architecture, but a lot of the people of Macao and tourists will go to the place. In the year of 2005, A-Ma Temple was included in the world cultural heritages as a part of the historic centre of Macau.

5. Macau Fisherman's Wharf

Macau Fisherman's Wharf is Macau's first theme park built in the new reclamation area coast, close to Hong Kong and Macau dock. It covers an area of more than 111,500 square meters with entertainment, shopping, restaurants, hotels, Marina Convention and exhibition facilities in one, combining different architectural features and mixing Chinese and Western culture.

6. CASAs - Museu da Taipa

"Dragon Ring" is the old name of Taipa, "Pu Yun" refers to the Portuguese architectural style, and refers to the scenery along the Taipa seaside road.

7. Fortaleza do Monte

The official name of Fortaleza do Monte is St. Paul Fort. Located near Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral, it is one of the oldest Western Fort buildings extant in China. Macau has numerous forts, Fortaleza do Monte was the core of defense system in Macau then which covers an area of about 10,000 square meters.

8. Praia de Hac sa


Praia de Hac sa is about 1,350 meters long and is Macao's largest natural beach, visitors here are mostly local people.

9. Macau Tower

Macau Tower which is 338 meters high is the landmark of Macau, and also a member of the World Federation of Great Towers. Scenic lookouts extend up from the 57th floor to the 61st floor, and tourists can take a sightseeing elevator to go up and down. The 57th floor has the famous "walking in the air" where you can walk in the periphery of the tower with no handrails around.

10. Senado Square

Senado square is the center of Macao, here the ground surface were paved with black and white stones in the shape of waves. Under the background of the surrounding historic buildings, you can feel a style quite of Southern Europe.

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