Beijing Air Transport

Beijing Air Transport

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【Introduction】:Beijing Capital International Airport is the “first Door of China”

Beijing Capital International Airport is the “first Door of China.”With most the advanced equipment and the busiest transportation and production, it is the largest, busiest, and most important airport in China. The airport is also an important entry point for China’s air transportation system and foreign exchange.

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Beijing has two airports, one of which is the Beijing Capital International Airport, located in Shunyi District, Northeast of downtown, about 30 km from the city center. Most flights arrive at or depart from the Capital International Airport. It has three terminals. The distance between each terminal is far, therefore, passengers need to confirm the correct terminal before boarding, so as not to miss the flight. In order to facilitate transfers between different terminals, the airport provides free shuttle buses connecting T1, T2, and T3.

There are several ways to get to downtown Beijing from the airport. Airport shuttle bus is relatively economical.

Shuttle Bus: Outside the airport, there are 14 airport shuttle lines operating between Capital Airport and Beijing downtown or suburban areas, such as Fangzhuang, Xidan, Beijing Railway Station, Gongzhufen, Zhongguancun, Olympic Village, West Railway Station, Shangdi, Yizhuang, Beijing South Railway Station, Sihui transportation hub, Wangfujing, Wangjing and so on. Besides, some other buses are bound for Nanyuan Airport, Tianjin, Tangshan, Baoding, Cangzhou, Qinhuangdao and Langfang.

Airport Express: The airport also has an express train linking Dongzhimen Station, Sanyuanqiao Station, T2 terminal station, and T3 terminal station. The whole trip takes about 30 minutes.

Taxi: You can also queue at the Taxi waiting area of the airport. It charges according to the meter, and that is standardized.

In addition to the Capital Airport, there is another airport, Nanyuan Airport in dual-use, located outside of the South Fourth Ring Road in Beijing, at the intersection of Jingbei West Road and East Road in Fengtai District, 15 kilometers from Tiananmen Square. Nanyuan Airport is exclusively open to China United Airlines

There are shuttle buses from Nanyuan Airport to Xidan. Operation time is based on the flight schedule.

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