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【Introduction】:The Harbor Breeze Cruises is the No 1 whale-watching corporation in South California;

The Harbor Breeze Cruises is the No. 1 whale-watching corporation in South California; visitors can have both an educative and fun time while watching whales. Being the largest mammal animal on earth, the beautiful blue whales, gray whales and other marine creatures inhabit the ocean of South California and coexist peacefully with human beings.

Following the experienced captains and professional naturalists of Aquarium of the Pacific, visitors will experience a fabulous journey of whale appreciation. The especially designed luxurious catamaran cruise can sail a high speed, and also provide a spacious and safe room for the visitors to fully enjoy the whale-watching fun.

In addition, the Harbor Breeze Cruises also offers a daily tour service, wedding ceremony, business activity, personal party, the renting of Catalina and individual customized event services.

Address: 100 Aquarium Way, Dock #2 Long Beach, CA, 90802

Telephone: 001-562-4324900


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