Utour Youyou and Yaochufa.com establish a strategic cooperation and jointly achieve the rise of the industry after the epidemic

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【Introduction】:Recently, Utour Youyou, the subsidiary of Utour, and Yaochufa.com, a strategic Investments company of Utour, announced the strategic cooperation, a powerful combination for arranging the around-the-city tour market after the epidemic.

Recently, Utour Youyou, the subsidiary of Utour, and Yaochufa.com, a strategic Investments company of Utour, announced the strategic cooperation, a powerful combination for arranging the around-the-city tour market after the epidemic. Both parties will share the resources, products and channels and etc., assist each other in brand marketing and market promotion, provide a safer, more diverse, and more cost-effective around-the-city tour product, and plan to jointly invest at the appropriate time for the common development needs and interest to further expand the industry leading advantages.

Recently, with the situation of epidemic prevention and control in China gradually under control, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Gansu, Shangdong and dozens of other provinces and cities have resumed part of the travel agencies and enterprises business. There are 4000 scenic attractions opened for business national-wide. Around-the-city tour has taken the lead in the recovery, during Tomb Sweeping Day, it has ushered the first round of “retaliatory price rebound” of the tourism market after the epidemic. As to the around-the-city tour market which rapidly grows after the epidemic, Yaochufa.com and Utour Youyou purchased the quality resources, enhanced the marketing and packaging and continually opened up channels beforehand as preparation. After achieving strategic cooperation, the variations and cost-efficiency of the products will be greatly improved so that both side are mutually enabled and upgraded.

As the OTA focused on “around-the-city tour”, Yaochufa.com provides around-the-city tour products and services for the white-collar workers and family with cars in 300 Chinese cities and was rated as the “Chinese Unicorn Company” by authority for four successive years. Relating around-the-city tour hotels, scenic attractions, catering, shopping and light entertainment projects, Yaochufa.com not only provides a Integrated marketing plan that combines “sales, planing, promotion and packaging” for the online sources, but also proposed a “fun” concept, in addition to increasing the added values of hotels and scenic attractions. Yaochufa.com digs out more fun tour for the customers. Beside Yaochufa.com around-the-city tour platform, Yunkezan, the leading brand of social commerce that provides at-shop service in China, and Kuya Qinzi, a parent-child tour brand, were incubated. Yaochufa.com senses the industry trend and catches the new opportunity of “Cloud Travel”, in the cooperation with the newly incubated Yunkezan and Kuya Qinzi, jointly announced “Spring Plan” which was participated by 3 million customers and users. It is expected to assist more than 30,000 wine scenery enterprises, catering enterprises, leisure and entertainment enterprises to create 100,000 pre-sales through nearly 100 live broadcasts.

Utour Youyou, as the subsidiary of Utour that concentrates on retail business, proactively prepares for the recovery of the market on multiple levels, such as improving the professional skills and comprehensive abilities of its employees by using online platform, studying the new consumption trend during the epidemic, hosting tourism consulting live-streaming contest, and encouraging entire employees to exploit private domain traffic through mobile social e-commerce platform, activating a large number of customers repurchase potential during the epidemic. Recently, Utour Youyou launched around-the-city tour themed product “ tour around city” in the regional market of the provinces that have resumed, due to the high cost-efficiency and various, flexible methods, once the products was released, they became hot sells at the local markets. Besides, with the intergrated resources, Utour Youyou launched a exclusive rights for the millions of customers plan, joined hands with hundreds of well-known brand partner from different provinces in China and introduced 6 affordable rights subsidized products, premium services include travel, fitness, sports, accommodation and cuisines, which are currently on sale for limited numbers, and it will lay a good foundation for the rapid business recovery after the epidemic.

Yaochufa.com and Utour Youyou will firmly grasp the opportunities of the rise of the around-the-city tour market after epidemic, and innovate cooperation model, release a stronger development and achieve win-win situation.

About Yaochufa.com:

Yaochufa.com was established in October 2011, it’s an internet company based in Guangzhou, provides services national-wide and concentrates on tours around the city during weekend. It offers a simpler, more professional, over-expectation one-stop around-the-city tour sevices for the white-collar workers and family with cars. Now it has been rated as the “Chinese Unicorn Company” by authority for four successive years, E-commerce model enterprise of Guangdong province and the Guangzhou unicorn company. In 2016, Utour and its initiated industry funds strategicly invested the Yaochufa.com

About Utour Youyou:

Utour Youyou is the subsidiary of Utour, and its brand Utour Tourism is the well-known retail tourism brand in China. Utour Youyou created the quasi direct sale model of “store at the front and factory at the back”, with brand, products, channels as its core to accelerate the market expansion. In August 2019, the retail business of Utour Group Co. , Ltd and its subsidiaries has been gradually moved to Beijing Utour Youyou international travel agency Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries. By the end of 2019, more than 1,000 partnership stores have been signed in 16 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country.

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