Vienna restarts, music capital plays music again

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【Introduction】:When the Ferris wheel of Vienna s landmark Prater Amusement Park turns again, the music capital begins to regain its vitality. Concert venues, museums, attractions, restaurants, bars and hotels are reopened and welcome their guests.

With the resumption of various works in Vienna at the end of May, many music institutions of the music capital, such as the Vienna State Opera and Musikverein perform again. It is expected that there will be 800 outdoor stage performances this summer. After all, this year is the 250th anniversary of the birth of the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven, and a great significance to Vienna.

When the Ferris wheel of Vienna's landmark Prater Amusement Park turns again, the music capital begins to regain its vitality. Concert venues, museums, attractions, restaurants, bars and hotels are reopened and welcome their guests. Tourists who had previously done “cloud travel” and live broadcasts now have the opportunity to visit Vienna in person and experience the city’s cultural and musical charm. Large-scale Vienna concerts usually have more than 1,000 seats in the usual times. For now, however, the number is limited to 100. From July, it will be added up to 250. The most exciting days are from July 4th to 6th, the famous pianist Rudolf Buchbinder will perform Beethoven's piano concerto with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra in the Vienna Concert Hall. Beethoven moved to Vienna at the age of 22, and since then, Vienna has become the source of his creations, as well as the premiere of most of his works. 2020 is the 250th anniversary of the birth of this genius composer, its rich musical heritage has been displayed infinite vitality and diversity in the world's music capital until this day.

"No matter when and where, as soon as music starts, Vienna becomes the music capital again." Mr. Norbert Kettner, CEO of the Vienna Tourism Board, said: "The reopening of concert halls, museums and attractions is the beginning of hope. We are very much looking forward to the coming of the visitors, although social distance and non-contact or less-contact business models are still being implemented , I believe there are still many things worth experiencing in Vienna this year."

Free music for all

Before the end of summer, there will be more than 350 indoor concerts performed in Vienna. In addition, there will be various outdoor music and performances, as well as the exciting open-air music festival, art festival and film festival. The new "Summer Culture 2020" will transform the entire city into a big stage. From Thursday to Sunday in July and August, 2000 artists will deliver 800 wonderful performances on about 25 outdoor stages. The two largest stages are located at Donau Island and park, which can accommodate up to 500 people. Admission is free, and necessary safety precautions will be taken during the event. For the elderly who are unable to visit due to health risks, they can enjoy the balcony concert "Salute Serenade" in the nursing home.

Concert by the hotel window

In the music capital, it is the hotel’s unique mission to connect musicians and guests. The Vienna Zeitgeist Hotel launched the “Concert by the Window”. When artists perform in the green courtyard, guests can lean on the hotel window to enjoy live music. The hotel rooms become private rooms and they can also enjoy the food and beverages provided by the hotel. The next two “Concert by the Window” performances will be held on June 27 and July 17. The Stadthalle boutique hotel will also host a similar "Loge & Logis concert" on June 19, 23 and 26.

Contemporary musicians who settled in Vienna like Beethoven

No city in the world can have one composer after another like Vienna. Beethoven is just one of them. Mozart, Haydn, Strauss, etc. have all lived and worked in Vienna. Like the famous artists in the past, many contemporary musicians also choose to live and work in Vienna, for example: opera actors Anna Netrebko, Elīna Garanča and Juan Dia Juan Diego Flórez, conductor Philippe Jordan, performers Julian Rachlin and Aleksey Igudesman, They are all highly regarded musicians who choose to settle in Vienna.

In an interview with pianist Wang Yujia, she shared what is special about Vienna: "Vienna is a light to me. It sounds like a waltz, like Sachertorte."

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