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Killiney Hill and Park

Updated: 2014-07-14 / (visitdublin.com)

[Photo from visitdublin.com]

Enjoy the spectacular views of Killiney Bay and inland towards the mountains and the valley of the river Liffey,or northwards as far as the Cooley Peninsula in Ulster – on a good day! On the Southside of the hill there are the remains of an ancient church, “The Druid’s Chair”, an Obelisk erected in the eighteenth century and an old semaphore signalling station.

The park was once part of the estate of Killiney Castle (now Fitzpatrick's Castle Hotel) a prominent residence in the district. The original house, Mount Mapas was built in 1740 by Col. John Mapas. The property was owned in turn by a Mr. Maunsell, Henry Loftus, Viscount of Ely, Lord Clonmel and Robert Warren, who in 1840 enlarged the house and called it Killiney Castle. He also restored and added to the monuments on the hill. The park was purchased from his son, Robert Warren Jnr. by Queen Victoria's Jubilee Memorial Association.

Address: Killiney, Dublin


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