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Soup Curry

Updated: 2014-07-22 / (welcome.city.sapporo.jp)
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It’s fun to walk around and find your favorite eatery

A famous local dish with lingering spices

The standard dish consists of a soup with lots of spices with chicken thighs cooked until tender and vegetables that have been lightly fried in oil. You dip the rice, which comes separately, into the soup with your spoon. This dish originated in cafes and restaurants which serve curry rice. It soon gained in popularity, became designated as a local specialty and is now served in many restaurants around the city. The recipes are diverse, including the degree of spiciness. If you are wondering about which level of spiciness to choose from in a first time restaurant, we advise you to choose a lower level. We also recommend the pouch-packed version from famous restaurants sold at the airport as a souvenir to take home.


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