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Brief Introduction to Sapporo

Updated: 2014-07-22 / (welcome.city.sapporo.jp)

• Hokkaido Government Office

Sapporo is the political, economic and cultural center of Hokkaido. The Former Hokkaido Government Office (which looked over the affairs of Hokkaido for 80 years), the Sapporo Clock Tower, and Hokkaido University (which opened in 1876 as the Sapporo Agricultural School), are all located in this area. When touring these buildings visitors can experience the history of Hokkaido firsthand.

• Harmony between City and Nature

Sapporo has the 5th largest population in Japan. The city prides itself for functioning both as a “city” with office and residential buildings and a sanctuary for “nature” which is accessible right outside of the city. This “harmony between city and nature” is what sets Sapporo apart, and is its biggest attraction.

• Food Culture

Fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood come from all over Hokkaido to Sapporo as it is the center of food distribution for the area. This contributes to a thriving food culture in Sapporo. Ramen noodles, Genghis Khan (Mongolian Barbecue), sushi and seafood, andsoup curry are some of the famous local dishes. Sapporo French cuisine served by chefs who have harvested from this “treasure trove of fresh ingredients” has also risen in popularity.

• Holidays with Family

Sapporo is a perfect place to spend the holidays with your family. There are many family-fun options such as Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park, which has many outdoor activities, and Sapporo Satoland, an agriculture-themed park.

• Creative City

Sapporo is putting much emphasis on vitalizing the city by taking advantage of its “creativity” in culture and the arts. The city hosts many music, art and film events and is committed to entertaining its citizens and visitors from around the world. These events also promote communications amongst all people in Sapporo. This citizen interaction in turn has the effect of heightening Sapporo’s creativity.

• Winter

1.9 million people reside in a city which sees an average of 600cm of snowfall every year. This is a rare phenomenon by world standards. Sapporo is known for its Snow Festival. It is also a great place to experience winter sports. During the winter, there is a big difference between the temperatures outside and inside so we recommend layering your clothes.


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