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Edwin Dun Memorial Museum

Updated: 2014-07-22 / (welcome.city.sapporo.jp)


[Photo from welcome.city.sapporo.jp]

Edwin Dun’s ambition and livestock farming technologies are passed on to the current generation through the 130-years-old farming office, which is now a memorial museum.

Edwin Dun was hired as a foreign agricultural adviser during the Meiji Period by the Hokkaido Development Commission. He worked to develop and spread the livestock industry in Sapporo and taught students about dairy farming, dairy and meat processing, and the use of large-scale agricultural tools.

[Photo from welcome.city.sapporo.jp]

[Photo from welcome.city.sapporo.jp]

The building was built in 1880 as an office when Dun opened the Hokkaido Development Commission stock farm in Makomanai. Volunteers moved the office building, which was scheduled for demolition, to its current location as a memorial hall in 1964 to preserve both the building and Dun’s achievements. Exhibited items not only narrate historical facts, but also episodes regarding hardships during the pioneering era, which convey Dun’s personality and frontier spirit.


Address: Makamanai Izumi-machi 1-6, Minami-ku, Sapporo

Open: 9:30 - 16:30

Closed: Summer Season (April 1 - October 31): Wednesday

Winter Season (November 1 - Marchi 31): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, year-end through New Year holidays

Fee: Free admission

Parking: Not available

Telephone: 011-581-5064

Website: http://bit.ly/edwindun


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