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Black Slide Mantra

Updated: 2014-07-22 / (welcome.city.sapporo.jp)

[Photo from welcome.city.sapporo.jp]

One of the artistic works Isamu Noguchi left to the city of Sapporo is a slide. Children play on it every day in Odori Park.

Black Slide Mantra is a sculpted work by Isamu Noguchi, placed in a location with good visibility in all directions, between the Nishi 8 and 9 chome of Odori Park. This black form shines in snowy Sapporo, and it is not just a work of art with graceful curves, but also a slide loved by the city’s citizens. When he paid a visit to Sapporo to work on Moerenuma Park and this work, he proposed that the road which divided the park into two be blocked off and that this work be placed there, in order that the children might be able to play more freely. Isamu Noguchi said that “The bottoms of the kids will complete this work”, but we hope adults too will not hesitate to give this artistic slide a try.


Address: 8–9 Chome Odorinishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

Telephone: 011-251-0438

Website: www.sapporo-park.or.jp/odori/en


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