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Sanya Haitang Bay Haizhonghai Golf Course

Updated: 2014-11-27 / (wtcf.travel)

Sanya Haitang Bay Haizhonghai Golf Course is located in the Haitang Bay resort, the “national seashore” of Hainan Province. It’s near the Hainan Branch of the PLA General Hospital (301 Hospital).The golf course, designed by the well-known American IMG Company, was opened on January 19, 2011, with 7,345 yards of fairway and 72 holes to play.

Haizhonghai Golf Course is an 18-hole championship level course. Located in Bowei Mont, Qingtian Village in the C10 District of Haitang Development Zone, it covers an area of 980 mu with a total investment of 150 million RMB. The construction project of the golf course was launched in 2006 and completed in June 2009, and opened to the public in 2011. So far an investment of 110 million yuan ($20 million) has been made. The course was designed and constructed by the American IMG Company, a world-renowned company for golf course designs. Haizhonghai Golf Course is capable of hosting large international golf games and is, as of now, the only golf course that has been built in the Haitang Bay Development Zone.

The course has been listed as one of the game courses for the Fifth “Asian Cup” International Golf Tournament. To prepare for the 2016 Olympic Games (St. Paulo Brazil), the State General Administration of Sports has planned to make the course a training base for the National Olympic Team. The PGA also plans to select the course as a designated course in Mainland China.

Basic information

Opening time: 6:30 am

Golf course: 18-hole standard international championship level golf course

Golf cart: 300 RMB/vehicle

Green: 1200RMB/18 holes

Contact information

Tel.: 0898-31501902

Fax: 0898-31501919

Address: Bowei Mont, Qingtian Village, Haitang Bay Development Zone, Sanya


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