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St. Regis Resort: the Best Value Stick Food Buffet Dinner

Updated: 2014-11-27 / (wtcf.travel)

The St. Regis Resort in Yalong Bay, Sanya, has recently introduced an economical barbecue buffet dinner featuring local characteristics for customers at the “Xiu” restaurant. The restaurant is open all day long, with an open kitchen and an outdoor dining area. An elegant wooden buffet table, built-in cabinets and all kinds of exquisite kitchenware create a home-like atmosphere, which will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

The food-on-a-stick is cooked by our executive chef from Germany, who himself chooses the fresh food ingredients, such as fresh mackerel, sea prawns and another six kinds of deep sea seafood, imported lamb chops, ribs and other various meats and Hainan pineapple, banana, asparagus, as well as other healthy ingredients. All these ingredients are cooked in local style using six kinds of local sauces, such as Hainan yellow chili sauce, green orange sauce, and chutney. You can enjoy a both delicious and nutritionally balanced feast here.

The buffet dinner also includes various delicacies of other countries which will surely satisfy guests of different tastes. The salad stall introduces eight kinds of exquisite salad for you to taste; the sashimi stall prepares an unlimited supply of Alaskan snow crab legs, salmon fillet, Antarctic scallop, mussels and oysters, which definitely will meet your expectations for seafood; the five kinds of sushi and two cold dishes at the sushi stall will bring you an exotic flavor of southeast Asian delicacies. Eight main courses will be introduced at the buffet dinner every night: pan-fried cod fish, salt and pepper shrimp, braised crabs, seafood and vegetable soup… All these will surely satisfy your appetite. If you like noodle and French seafood soup, the dinner won’t disappoint you. The noodle stall offers four kinds of noodles every day, and the seafood soup stall serves eight kinds of soup made by fresh seafood. All the noodles and soups are cooked on site by our chefs. After enjoying so many delicious dishes, you can have some desserts for a change to top it all off. The dessert stall offers twelve kinds of desserts recommended by the onsite French bakery chef of the bakery, delicacies such as spongy walnut pie, refreshing blueberry pudding, chocolate waterfall and fired ice characteristic of local Hainan features. These exquisite desserts will bring a perfect ending to your experience of the gourmet rally.

The restaurant also provides playing corners and sitting areas for children, so that you can feel relaxed and comfortable to enjoy your meal. Offering a five-star dining experience with high quality service at a reasonable and economical price, the “Xiu” restaurant is a great dining place for you to entertain family members, friends and distinguished guests.

Address: National Tourism Resort, Yalong Bay, Sanya

Tel.: 0898-88212301


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