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Delightfully delicious destination

Updated: 2015-03-10 / (liveriga.com)

[Photo from liveriga.com]

Another year has passed, and this is the third time that LIVE RīGA, in partnership with the CHEFS CLUB, is organising a gastronomical project called “Delightfully Delicious Destination - RīGA.” During the event, city residents and guests will be introduced to tasteful, delicious and modern cuisine from Riga and throughout Latvia. Throughout the year, Riga’s best chefs will enrich their menus with local products according to each season.

Special offers will include familiar products such as peas, gooseberries and honey as well as less familiar or even unknown products such as lorchel mushrooms, chokeberries, veal liver, etc. All products will be served in completely new taste combinations, not only to please the palate, but also with a visually surprising presentation.

“Delightfully Delicious Destination - RīGA” is an opportunity to experience the unlimited imagination of Riga’s best chefs and their special skills. So don’t miss a unique opportunity to treat yourself to a special seasonal feast!


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