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5D Cinema Look at Riga

Updated: 2015-03-10 / (liveriga.com)
[Photo from liveriga.com]

Informative Art Space & 5D Cinema Look at Riga presents the first Latvian multidimensional movie Look at Riga which gives its viewers a chance to see Riga from the bird's view. This dynamic and exciting flight will carry you away with the feeling of presence and special effects: flight imitation,speeding-up, wind breeze, water-splashes and other surprises. The movie is available in Latvian, English, and Russian language.

In this cinema, it is possible to watch high quality multidimensional movies about Riga and Latvia. The main value of these 5D movies is that they give an insight in the main tourist attractions in Latvia and build interest in visiting them.

At the moment the 5D cinema offers a multidimensional movie about Riga which has been created in collaboration with the United Artists of Moodwork, using the latest audiovisual and animation technologies. This movie creates an image of Riga as a modern European city with its unique features. Watching it creates a sensation of a flight in a helicopter with a strong feeling of presence.

This movie features different 5D effects: stereoscopic image, spatial feeling of presence (3D), movement imitation (4D), speeding-up, air blast, water splashes (5D) and others. The movie theatre is equipped with the latest technology: full HD, 4K resolution projector, modern and powerful audio equipment - dolby digital 5:1, devices for special effects, modern design.

There are other movie projects in the making: Riga: Four Seasons, Riga in the Turn of Centuries, Sacred Places of Latvia.

In the design shop Look at Riga it is also possible to enjoy and buy the artwork of Latvian artists and designers.


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