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Mežakaķis Park at Mežaparks

Updated: 2015-03-10 / (liveriga.com)

[Photo from liveriga.com]

Come and try walking on ropes and nets several metres above the ground, get over your physical and spiritual limits and simply enjoy active leisure at the Mežakaķis Adventure Park in Riga! Open from May 1 to September 30.

A total of 65 obstacles are set up at the Riga's Mežakaķis Park; they have been divided into five routes of various difficulty levels. Each track starts and ends on the ground. The last obstacle in each route is a descent with a special roller down the truss. The obstacle height above the ground in various parts of the track is different: 1 to 15 metres. All starting, finish, and intermediate points are connected to trails, on which informative signs are set up. To manage all routes you will need approximately two hours. During the rest of the time you can go again on those stages of the route, which you liked the best.

The "Lāsēns" route is created for children, whose height or age still does not allow entering other park routes. The height of the route above the ground ranges between 0.5–1 metres. The parents can accompany and support their children by walking along the obstacles.

The green "O!Karte" or warm-up route is made at about 2m above the ground with easy obstacles, which is why it is more suitable for beginners and children. This route is mandatory for each visitor before moving on to the more difficult routes, since each participant of the track is monitored by a staff member of the park to make sure that all security measures have been observed. This route is suitable for children over 110cm tall. In order to go on other routes, the height of the participant must be at least 140cm.

The blue "Everest" route is slightly more difficult and the obstacles are set up higher above the ground (approximately 4 metres). Also this route is relatively easy and does not require extensive physical effort.

The obstacles in the red route are set up at a height of 9 metres and require more physical effort, courage, and balance. In order to tackle this route, the participants must be prepared in the preceding routes.

The black "Gandrs" route is made for athletic people, who wish to experience stronger sensation and engage in more difficult physical activity. The connections and safety trusses of the obstacles in this route are not as tightly fit and therefore balance is more difficult to keep. The height of the obstacles in the trees varies between 10 and 15 metres. At some places, the elevation level changes are connected with vertical ladders. That requires even more power and courage. At the end of the track, there is a 100 metres long descent with a roller.



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