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Riga Tourism Information Centre

Updated: 2015-03-11 / (liveriga.com)

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The most modern Riga Tourism Information Centre (TIC) is located in the Old Riga near Livu Square. It offers free consultations, informative materials, maps and free WiFi.

Consultants in English, Russian and Latvian will provide information on various tourism offers, excursions, tour guides, tourism routes and excursion bus lines, public transport in Riga and possibilities to go to other cities of Latvia. Consultants will suggest suitable hotels and make reservations on-line.

If you wish to purchase LIVE RIGA souvenirs, “Riga Card”, excursion tickets, postcards and postage stamps, guides and books, mobile phone start packages and recharge vouchers, we suggest you to visit the Riga multifunctional TIC at Ratslaukums 6.

To use the free WiFi select the network “liveriga.com-guest”, password – “liverigacom”.

The TIC at the Livu Square is located in the M.Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre building at 16 Kalku Street. The house was built in 1880 to the design of architect Reinhold Schmaeling, and since the very beginning it has hosted various public events. In 2010 restoration works of the splendid building ordered by the Riga City Council was completed. The M.Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre building complex is an art monument of national significance still used theatre performances.

If you cannot visit the Riga TIC in person, we suggest you look into the most comprehensive informative portal about Riga in Russian, English and German – www.LiveRiga.lv. You can look at LIVE RIGA maps and electronic versions of informative materials, see the choice of LIVE RIGA souvenirs, as well as find information regarding current events and ideas how to explore Riga.


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