Vincent Zheng, Tourism Fiji's Regional Manager of Greater China: Four Phases to Improve Tourist Experience and Promote Post-Outbreak Tourism Recovery

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【Introduction】:Recently, Vincent Zheng, Tourism Fiji s Regional Manager of Greater China received an interview from WTCF. He shared his views on further Fiji-China coopeartion in tourism, post-COVID-19 recovery in tourist industry, and reinforced connection with WTCF.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has inflicted extensive damage to the world's tourism industry. Facing the challenges of pandemic, the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF), as the world's first international tourism organization focusing on cities, has conducted mutual communication with its members, jointly discussed about developmental direction in tourism industry, and helped the industry shrug off the effects of COVID-19 as rapidly as possible.

Recently, Vincent Zheng, Tourism Fiji's Regional Manager of Greater China received an interview from WTCF. He shared his views on further Fiji-China coopeartion in tourism, post-COVID-19 recovery in tourist industry, and reinforced connection with WTCF.

Vincent Zheng, Tourism Fiji's Regional Manager of Greater China

WTCF: 2020 marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Fiji. Exchanges between the two countries have been increasingly frequent. What kind of trend has the two countries shown especially in tourism in recent years? Has any change occurred when compared to previous years?

Vincent Zheng: Fiji is regarded by the Chinese tourists as a pearl in the South Pacific. The country is abundant with tourism resources. China is the 4th largest source country of tourists to Fiji. Fiji has attached great importance to developing its market in China. As China's economy grows and people's life is improved, Fiji has received more than 50,000 Chinese tourist arrivals in recent years. In my perspective, high-end islands are actually potential destinations for Chinese tourists, and Fiji enjoys a great reputation in the market of high-end islands. It is committed to bringing wonderful trips to tourists. As for the future trend of tourism, we will pay more attention to tourists' experience during their journeys, in order to meet their personal and customized needs.

WTCF: 2020 is a very special year. What has Fiji done to combat COVID-19 after the outbreak as a country relying on tourism? What kind of cooperation should countries enhance?

Vincent Zheng: Tourism industry serves as a pillar of Fiji's economic development, accounting for one third of the country's GDP. COVID-19 affects Fiji's tourism a lot. Many hotels in Fiji are shut down temporarily. Life and work of tourism-related employees have been hard hit. The government has been working on tourism recovery. It plans to welcome international tourists to Fiji safely and comfortably after the pandemic.

We have made a four-phase recovery plan for Tourism Fiji. In the first phase, we pass on positive energy to Chinese tourists through global advertisement "Sota Tale" to tell them that we stay together with everyone around the world. At present, we're in the second phase of recovery. The theme is "Our Bula Spirit Awaits You". At the same time, we have promoted it in China. In addition, we try to work with some local partners on tourism-related hotel booking and online training, so as to deliver positive information and optimism to Chinese tourists, tourism professionals and our friends from travel agencies in China.

After the pandemic, we hope to continue to strengthen our cooperation with travel agencies online and offline, and integrate some relative destination products. We also hope to provide Chinese tourists with more comfortable, safe and needed products.

WTCF: Can you describe Fiji with three words? What are they?

Vincent Zheng: Fiji is known as a diverse country. My first instinct is to summarize the place with "people", "land" and "culture". Local residents are enthusiastic, they hope to share their optimism and experience with visitors. Hence, a new word, "Bulanaire", was born.

Fiji consists of 333 islands, attracting global tourists with its soft beaches, blue sky and clean waters. As a world-famous resort, Fiji has vast land, which is like people's dreamland. The other is about Fijian culture. Local people pay close attention to protecting their traditional culture. Tourists may experience Fijian tribalism and culture of villages, which will bring them extraordinary experiences.

WTCF: WTCF has 223 members, one of which is Nadi, the 3rd largest city in Fiji. Could you please tell us something about Nadi, such as places of interest, local culture or customs?

Vincent Zheng: Nadi is a crucial transportation hub in Fiji. Chinese tourists flying with Fiji Airways from China's Hong Kong, Tokyo or Singapore will first land on Nadi International Airport. It's clear how important Nadi is. Nadi is a diverse city, with vibrant nightlife. There are numerous cultural attractions and restaurants of global food. The city is a distinctive place in the South Pacific. It's also the first stop for people's journey in Fiji.

WTCF: What do you hope international institutions like WTCF can do in the current situation?

Vincent Zheng: Tourism Fiji remains close in its cooperation with WTCF. During the outbreak, we have frequent exchanges. WTCF is an excellent platform. As the government's tourism promotion agency, Tourism Fiji hopes to further enhance interactions with WTCF. We can jointly develop some innovative exchanges, and provide more resources or information for tourism professionals from China.

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