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【Introduction】:When you travel to Mudanjiang, don't think that only the beautiful scenery is waiting for you, Mudanjiang's delicious food is waiting for you too.

Jingpo Lake flavor fish dish

Jingpo Lake is rich in non-polluting green lake fish, including crucian carp, cinnamon, red tail fish, fat head fish and more than 70 kinds. They are all delicious fish with tender meat.

Linkou Big Goose

Linkou Big Goose is a selection of non-polluted farmer's goose. It is supplemented with a variety of precious Chinese herbal medicines and fine seasonings to form a unique formula. The meat is tender and has high nutritional value.

Hengdao Hezi Pancake & Dried Tofu

The pancakes and dried tofu of Hengdao Hezi are as thin as paper, and the taste is delicate and full of flavor.

Russian Western food

Russians pay more attention to diet, and the variety of dishes is rich and varied. Mudanjiang is very close to Vladivostok in Russia. Therefore, in Mudanjiang, you can taste authentic Russian Western food, Russian skewers and Russian seafood.

Korean cuisine

Since Mudanjiang is a settlement of the Korean nation, it is also possible to eat very authentic Korean cuisine in Mudanjiang.

Huahe Beer

The taste of Mudanjiang is naturally accompanied by the Huahe Beer of Mudanjiang. "All in wine" and "Bottoms up" can express thousands of words of good friends, simple and enthusiastic.

Red star milk

Red Star milk is organic milk produced by local pasture. It is pure natural, delicate and tastes good. It is the taste that will never grow old in the hearts of Mudanjiang people.

Cifengtang Honey

What if you eat too much? Get some honey water, moisturize the intestinal tract, and maintain your health. Honey from Cifengtang in Mudanjiang is safe to drink, with some kumquat and lemon. It's delicious and has slimming effect.

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