Yundang Lake Cruise

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【Introduction】:The best recreational place in Xiamen Island is to cruise on the Yundang Lake.

The best recreational place in Xiamen Island is to cruise on the Yundang Lake. If you want to take solar ship in the center of Xiamen city, cruise in the biggest artificial lake, see the egrets with the most species in China, and experience the lives with both sunlight and water in a green and low-carbon way, please take a cruise of Yundang Lake. It costs least, but offers the high-end yachts. Please come here to enjoy a tranquil trip to your heart in the noisy city.

Yundang Lake is China’s biggest artificial seawater lake with 1.7 square kilometers water area. In history, it was a natural bay with abundant fishes and shrimps. When the night fell, the lights of the fishing boats berthed inside the harbor sparkled, forming beautiful scenery of “fishing in Yundang Lake”. As the landmark of Xiamen city, Yundang Lake combines its natural scenery and the profound cultural foundation, showing us its unique charms.

There is an island in the center of the lake called Bailu Island. On the island are thick forests. The red forest is the place of egrets when the tides rise. It has successfully attracts thousands of egrets, pond herons and night herons building their nests and breed here. The egret, the second-class protected animal, is the symbol of Xiamen and is one of the most charming birds by waterside for appreciating. The scenery on the both banks of the Yundang Lake at night is so fascinating that the visitors and citizens can deeply enjoy the magnificent scenery of “the city standing in the sea, the sea flowing in the city” and understand the legend of “Lights in the fishing boat in the Yundang Lake”.

The program of “Yundang Lake Cruise” launched by the Xiamen Yaxing Ship Corporation makes use of the first local made solar-energy ship within the country, which is green, energy-saving and clean. The program completely realizes the goals of zero-emission, zero-pollution and low-noise under the management conception of “An elegant and clean cruise with low-carbon”, making sure that the ecological environment, tourism environment and quality get promoted.

The ships used for the “Yundang Lake Cruise” are comfortable, elegant, relaxing and recreational with wide horizon and good privacy protection. They are the most ideal sites for holding various events such as business reception, business negotiation, birthday party, wine tasting, products display, VIP invitation, high-end Party and so on. In addition, varieties of services are provided on the ship such as aquatic KTV, dining hall, parlor and coffee room, the art show of tea, the performance of puppet, and guide for sightseeing and so on.

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