Points for Attention in Belo Horizonte

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【Introduction】:Points for Attention in Belo Horizonte


Distances in Brazil are measured in kilometres. One mile is equivalent to 1.609 kilometres. For a quick conversion of kilometres into miles, divide by eight and then multiply by five.  

Dress Code

Brazilians, even in the major cities such as Belo Horizonte, dress casually outside the office. None of the country's top restaurants insist on collar and tie although the occasional club does. Collar and tie still predominate in formal office and business surroundings. When packing, keep in mind that Belo Horizonte is a big, fashionable, cosmopolitan city and not a small tourist resort. If you forget to bring some item of clothing with you, you will certainly be able to find what you forgot in any of the big shopping malls.

Electrical Current

In Belo Horizonte, the current is 127 volts (60 cycles) but many of the larger hotels also offer 220 volts. If there is any doubt, check with the front desk of the hotel or the owner of the house or apartment. Transformers to boost the current from 110 volts to 220 volts are available in most good electrical supply stores. For most electric appliances Brazil uses a three-round-pinned socket.  


The Brazil country code 55 is used for calling Brazil from another country. In Belo Horizonte, the city code is 31.  

Time Zone

Belo Horizonte is -3:00 GMT  


Nearly all hotels add a service charge to the bill, usually ISS (Tax for service). Most restaurants also add 10% or more to the total of the bill, but must make it clear that they have done so. Brazilians don't normally tip taxi drivers, although they may round the total up.  


The city presents pleasant weather all year long (maximum 28ºC or 82ºF from January to March and a minimum of 15ºC or 59ºF during June and July). The main season usually takes place between November and March.

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