Fortune, fun and festivities to welcome the year of the Mouse—Celebrate Tet Lunar New Year at the Nam Hai

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【Introduction】:On January 25, 2020, Vietnam will celebrate Tet – the beginning of a new lunar year and the arrival of spring.

On January 25, 2020, Vietnam will celebrate Tet – the beginning of a new lunar year and the arrival of spring. The colourful festivities will be in full force at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi An, Vietnam where delicious feasts, live entertainment, artisan crafts, and exclusive Tet spa treatments welcome the Year of the Metal Mouse: a symbol of intelligence, creativity, adaptability, and courage in the face of adversity.

Tet festivities span a whole week. The Vietnamese practise traditional rituals, worshipping ancestors, cleaning the home, and preparing food for the celebrations ahead. Incense burns night and day at pagodas and temples as locals present offerings for a year of health, wealth and happiness.


Arrive at The Nam Hai to lavish floral displays including a special installation for memorable Tet photos. Believed to bring good fortune, prepare for a swathe of yellow and red blooms alongside daisies, sunflowers, kumquats and apricots: symbolic of spring, new beginnings, good health and happiness. Traditional lanterns will light the way after dark in spectacular Hoi a style.

Source: Four Seasons Resort


Experience a week of creative immersive feasts to celebrate Tet in style.

● January 24: Bid farewell to the outgoing year with a spectacular Lion Dance Management Cocktail Reception, followed by a celebration of Asia’s culinary delights at Illuminasia: a lively spectacle of Bamboo dancers and stalls overflowing with Thai Salads, Balinese Satays, Suckling Pig, Canton Roasted Duck, Curries, Wok Street Stirs and more.

● January 25: Tet is a time for unity and nothing brings people together like a BBQ. Loosen your belts for smokin’ hot live grill and buffet selections at The Smoke House. Wagyu Ribeye, Iberico Pork Ribs, House-Smoked Beef Brisket and Rotisserie Chicken are just the start of our tastebud-tingling tribute to the art of fire cooking, which includes flambéed desserts too!

● January 26: Beneath towering palms, the Street Food Market is packed with wooden stalls that invite a cultural and culinary journey into the flavours of Vietnam. From Hanoi to Hue, Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh via street dance performances and local surprises, enjoy authentic Nam Hai Banh My, Banh Bot Loc, Chè Sweet Soup and more.

● January 27: The region of Nha Trang produces some of Vietnam’s finest seafood. At Nha Trang Lobster Night savour the versatility and simplicity of the King of Seafood, perfected by our expert culinary team.

Source: Four Seasons Resort

● January 28: Lit by the ocean’s neon colours, our Bounty of the Sea features a fresh catch of crabs, lobsters, king prawns, mussels and more, supported by a team of mermaids and scuba explorers. Feast on the raw bar, ceviches, oysters, poke bowls, paella and Nitrox ice cream before the main act of dancing neon jelly fishes.


Mark the first day of the New Year with two enlightening sessions that capture the Metal Mouse reliable nature and stable life qualities:

● Energetic Flow Yoga: Boost energy and confidence – two characteristics of the Mouse – with continuous movement that ignites the body, increases blood circulation, and floods the mind with positivity.

● Throat Chakra Meditation: People born under the sign of the Mouse are perfectionists and communicate extremely well. This lovely meditation session includes chanting of a mantra to improve the ability to communicate with confidence.

In addition, experience a limited edition TET Revitalising Ritual to welcome the New Year. Designed to uplift the body and mind, begin the journey with a combination of fresh milk and rice grains – essential to a Mouse’ diet and a Vietnamese secret to radiant, naturally nourished skin – before diving into pampering bodywork with lavender, geranium and orange oil. Seal the qualities and spirit of the metal mouse with the healing sound of crystal singing bowls.


There’s lots lined up for our youngest guests this New Year as Chuon Chuon Kids' Club presents a series of arts and craft sessions including felt-making, ceramics and customised cards, all inspired by the Year of the Mouse. The fun culminates in a New Year party on January 25, filled with themed balloons, traditional li xi (“lucky money”), tasty treats, and an exciting treasure hunt.

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