U-tour Group, Hainan Provincial Tourism and Culture Department Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Create a New Chapter in Developing Tourism

Publish Time:2020-03-23 15:12:40Source:Utour Group

【Introduction】:U-tour Group Co., Ltd. and Hainan Provincial Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Department signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

U-tour Group Co., Ltd. and Hainan Provincial Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Department signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In order to fully implement the spirit of President Xi Jinping's important speech at the 30th Anniversary of the Hainan Provincial Special Economic Zone, deeply implement the related spirit of the Guiding Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Supporting Comprehensive Deepening Reform and Opening in Hainan , thoroughly promote the construction of Hainan International Tourism Consumption Center. The cooperation between the two sides aims at vigorously promoting the upgrade of Hainan's tourism and service industry, accelerating integration into national and even global tourism market.

U-tour Group and Hainan Provincial Tourism and Culture Department will take their own advantages, follow the principle of comprehensive, multi-level, step-by-step advancement and carry out comprehensive cooperation on headquarter economy, culture-tour integration and innovation, entry island tourism, industrial investment funds, domestic and overseas advertisement and destination marketing etc. It mainly includes: supporting U-tour Group to establish the international headquarter of "industry convergence of culture, sports and tour" business sector in Hainan, making full use of the advantages of Hainan's tourism format and comprehensive tour service platform, assisting Hainan to allure international tourists; strengthening the "golf+ tour" cooperation to promote the construction of characteristic sports tour destination; carrying out domestic and overseas destination image advertising and tourism marketing to enhance Hainan's global popularity and reputation; supporting Hainan's construction of cruise ports and aviation hub ports to participate in developing cruise industry and increasing international flights etc.

Wang Chunfeng vice president of U-tour Group pointed out that 23 departments including the National Development and Reform Commission, the Publicity Department of the Communist Party, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism had jointly published The Implementation Opinions on Promoting Consumption Expansion and Accelerating the Form of a Strong Domestic Market which contained 19 hard initiatives. Many of them mentioned cultural and tourism content, and clearly stated that the focus should be on promoting cultural and leisure consumption. Hainan Province has a unique geographical advantage and rare tourism resources, it has many favorable conditions to build a world-class tourist spot and an international tourism consumption center. U-tour Group will make full use of its own advantages to create new ideas, drive new trends, and innovate new models, so that U-tour Group can make every effort to promote the development, expansion and optimization of Hainan’s tourism.

A sudden COVID-19 has hit the global tourism hardly, and the international tourism market has fallen into a unprecedented difficulty. "Where will the Mr. epidemic go? People will light the paper boat to celebrate." History has proved and will prove that human beings will eventually overcome this epidemic. The pursuit of a better life is the common aspiration of all mankind, and the re-prosperous of tourism is just around the corner. After the epidemic, U-tour Group will work closely with the Hainan Provincial Tourism and Culture Department to positively participate in the plan of Hainan tourism revitalization and the tourism market promotion, for achieving market revitalization and industry recovery as soon as possible, and we will see a new appearance on consumption recovery and potential release. We firmly believe that the tourism in Hainan will have a better future.

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