Guido Felipe Loayza Devescovi, Ambassador of Peru in Malaysia, Interviewed by the Media

Publish Time:2017-03-27 18:37:00

【Introduction】:During the World Tourism Cities Federation Asia-Pacific Conference 2017, Mr. Guido Felipe Loayza Devescovi, Ambassador of Peru in Malaysia, was interviewed by the media.

Q: What is your view about the “One Belt One Road” initiative? What measures do you think Peru can take to benefit its own tourism industry from the Chinese market?

Ambassador of Peru: Tourism doesn’t belong to a specific country but to each and every individual person on earth. Therefore, I think the “One Belt One Road” initiative China proposed is very good, because different countries can work together to make contributions to the tourism industry. The relations between China and Peru go back a long time, and so I think Chinese people know Peru. Chinese tourists who have been to Peru have brought lots of Chinese culture, Chinese food and other things of China to our country, so that most Peruvians know what is “chi fan (吃饭: eating)”. I myself had once lived in China for three years. Peru has the richest ocean resources, and we hope to closely cooperate with China and other countries to boost the development of the tourism industry together.

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