Song Yu, Secretary-General of WTCF, Interviewed by the Media

Publish Time:2017-03-27 18:19:00

【Introduction】:During the World Tourism Cities Federation Asia-Pacific Conference 2017, Mr. Song Yu, Secretary-General of WTCF, was interviewed by the media.

Secretary-General Song:

At present, the tourism industry is a relatively fast-growing industry. WTCF is an international tourism organization, comprised of many famous world tourism cities, that provides a platform and opportunities for its members and the world tourism cities in tourism development. The “One Belt One Road” initiative proposed by China serves as a booster to the recovery of the world economy, and WTCF also strongly hopes to take advantage of this opportunity to drive the development of city tourism, economy, and society. Therefore, WTCF held the Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference in Penang, through which we want to send a message that City Hubs along the “One Belt One Road” route and all of WTCF members will utilize this opportunity to jointly promote tourism economy and boost the tourism and global economic development through inter-city communication. This conference has gained the support of our members and representatives of 30 of our member cities from over 10 countries have come to the conference. We hope that they can bring our message back to their cities, the media can help spread our message, tourism can become the engine and motor for the recovery of the world economy, and WTCF can help drive the development of its city members.

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