Mr. Nicky, General Manager of U-Tour in Beijing, Interviewed by Media

Publish Time:2017-04-01 17:00:16

【Introduction】:Mr. Nicky, General Manager of U-Tour in Beijing, Interviewed by Media

Speaking of tourism, we must remember the six elements: dining, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment, which cover many different industries. Today’s travel is not only a tour of a certain scenic area, but is a comprehensive process of consumption. This process will have an important influence on the destination, including its influence on transportation, urban infrastructure, sports and culture and so on. For example, the infrastructure building on the city’s transportation helps the city’s transportation and roads meet the standard of travel; and with the constant increase of tourists, the city’s hotels and accommodation will expand, and this will help boost the development of the local real estate industry. In summary, the process of travel is the resource integration of different industries of our society. During the process, we need to be supported by the “One Belt One Road” initiative’s City Hubs, and so I think the proposed “One Belt One Road” initiative is the process of the integration of world economy. This poses as a very important measure for people in the tourism industry. The second influence is the upgrading and transformation of tourism, from the experience that the destination brings to tourists in the first phase to the personal experience in the second phase. Therefore, this requires people in the tourism industry improve the quality and service of their products. Then comes the third phase: upgrading of consumption. In this phase, tourists spend more money hoping to achieve happiness, such as house purchase in the destination, local medical service support and so on. This requires these City Hubs exhibit their own advantages more profoundly and extensively. This process might be a process of rebuilding or expansion, which enhances the city’s the economy and reduces the city’s unemployment rate.

U- Mice is specializes in running MICE tourism business, must optimize itself comprehensively, so that it can meet the increasingly higher requirements and services of customers. Now the word “incentive tourism” is already out of date. U-Tour in Beijing is gradually transferring to an all-industry chain group, and our slogan is to provide one-stop services for our customers, in order to keep pace with another fashion that tourists are more willing to travel based on a theme. And this theme-oriented trend will expand from MICE tourism to the entire tourism industry, and this will become the trend of the future. I hope that through this conference and WTCF, we, people in the tourism industry, will be able to obtain more resources and opportunities to run our business. And these resources and opportunities will finally turn into the concept of great tourism.

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