2018 International Tourist Destination Cities Promotion and Marketing Training Comments from Students

Publish Time:2018-04-16 15:34:56

【Introduction】:The four-day 2018 International Tourist Destination Cities Promotion and Marketing Training has come to an end. The participants who participated in this special training program spent four busy and meaningful days in Beijing. They all expressed that they

Name: Anna Przyłuska

Job title: Specialist

Country/City: Warsaw

It is interesting. Some of the lectures I really really like. I’m looking forward to the trip visit Ctrip and Sina.

Name: Carlos Enrique Ching Chun

Job title: Attaché -Embassy of the Republic of Panama in Beijing

Country/City: Panama

Panama and China had just established diplomatic relations last June. Panama City took the opportunity to become a member of WTCF. The training course offers very rich knowledge. It is helpful for Panama to promote tourism in China.

Name: Juhan Anupõld

Job title: Head of Tourism Research & Development Estonian Tourist Board

Country/City: Tallinn

It has been interesting so far, looking for field trips, nice to have it combine somehow, the lectures and classrooms and practical part.

Name: Louise Maher

Job title: Senior Marketing Manager, Leisure Tourism

Country/City: London

China is priority market for London. I’m trying to really understand the tourism needs of Chinese visitor. So we can improve our own tourism offering for Chinese tourists.

Name: Lydia Charlie

Job title: Executive Director,Mayor’s Office

Country/City: Victoria

It was the third time come to this training program. It is very good, very informative, give you the platform that you be able to know how to move forward. For Seychelles we are a small island, we just start the Chinese market. So this presentation is really help us out to know how to move forward.

Name: Manuela Mesa Salazar

Job title: General Manager of 1000Pies Tourism Asia Latin America

Country/City: Medellin

It is the first time I’m in the WTCF training. The key agencies they invited are helpful and show you the data about Chinese market and I have learned a lot, and I was surprised about the dinner where we will be able to meet the key agencies of the media in China. That’s really helpful, because you don’t get the chance in one week to meet so many people related to the industry and in so many sectors of the industry. It is a great experience.

Name: Patricia Rodríguez Hölkemeyer

Job title: Ambassador

Country/City: Costa Rica

It is my first time come to this training program. It was very interesting, I learnt a lot. I think that if a country wants to promote tourism, it cannot do it with the old way, it has to learn a lot from how the Chinese find out about everything about where they want to go as tourists, and I think we have to change our strategies.

Name: Ralf Ostendorf

Job title: Director Market Management of visitBerlin

Country/City: Berlin

Continue with the very good approach to help members understand China and marketing activities better. And the training program is not for one time attendance only. It makes sense to join every year, because the Chinese market is developing very fast.

Name: W.M.S.L Wijesinghe

Job title: Deputy Commissioner

Country/City: Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura is the first ancient capital in Sri Lanka, so lots of tourists go there. The knowledge of the training program is very helpful for my work and my future career life.

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