BBC Special Session

Publish Time:2018-09-06 09:48:14

【Introduction】:City image and city brand: How can tourism cities improve their image through branding?

BBC Special Session

Topic: Rapid Rise of Mass Tourism and Its Global Impact

Under the combined effect of the increasing convenience of global tourism and the growth of per capita disposable income, mass tourism has gained rare historical development opportunities, and the global tourism industry has maintained vigorous development and rapid growth.

According to the Report on World Tourism Economic Trends issued by World tourism Cities Federation, the total number of Chinese tourists in the world (including domestic and overseas tourism) has reached 4.53billion, and total tourism revenue reached $680 billion, ranking first in the world. The total number of Chinese outbound tourists reached 131 million in 2017. The per capita overseas consumption amounts to $2,600, becoming the world's largest outbound tourism consumer for many years.

With the mass movement of tourists, the characteristics, styles and habits of the mass tourism market also have great impacts on the global tourism market. What should we think about these impacts? How can we adapt to this trend?

Moderator: Mr. Howard Zhang, BBC News Chinese


Ms. Rachael Hamilton, Member of Scottish Parliament in charge of culture and tourism

Mr. Marc Crothal, Chief Executive of Scottish Tourism Alliance

Mr. Philippe Noubel, International culture and tourism expert from Czech Republic

Mr. Alberto Sacco, Deputy Mayor of the City of Torino

Prof. Peiyi Ding of Griffith University, member of WTCF Expert committee

Mr. Wu Hongwen, Mayor of Datong Municipality, Shanxi Province

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